What going to university is like… according to film and TV

22 Jump Street is sending Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill to college. Here's what the big and small screen says students should expect from their time in higher education

Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill are back in 21 Jump Street sequel… 22 Jump Street. 


They’re two cops, who last time we saw them in action had been trying to uncover drug dealers in local high schools. 

They were too old to go undercover at school then, so they’re definitely too old now. Which can mean only one thing… it’s college time. 

Yes, the guys are off to MC State to see who is planning on supplying the drugs for the student’s Spring Break in Mexico. 

But can the duo pull of the college look, infiltrate the dealers and find the suppliers? Here’s what TV and film says they can expect from life as a student in higher education…

1. Your room will be small. Really, really small

2. Your roomies will take some getting used to

3. You should express yourself and join a club

4. You should be coming up with multi-million pound ideas. In a hoodie.

5. Pjs are appropriate at all times of the day

6. It’s important to be decked out in the uni logo at all times

7. Yep, even the dog

8. Lecturers can be, er, interesting…

9. Not usually lost-artefact-seeking interesting, though.

10. Parties always look like this

11. Everyone owns a hilarious t-shirt that signals they drink alcohol

12. You’re supposed to be here

13. But you’re usually here

14. Which means before exams you’ll still be as dumb as you were when you started college

15. So you’ll be lucky if you even make it here…

16. Good luck guys

Check out the trailer here:

22 Jump Street is in cinemas from 6 June 2014