The final episode of Friends – and 10 other things that happened in 2004

Time flies, eh?

That’s right. It’s been 10 whole years since Joey, Rachel, Chandler, Phoebe, Monica and Ross said their goodbyes. 10 years since Rachel got off the plane. 10 years since the gang left their keys on the side and shut the door to Monica’s apartment for the final, ever time. 


It doesn’t sound right, does it?

But here are 10 other things that happened 365(ish) days ago when we were all younger and a whole lot less wrinkly… 

Facebook launched 

“A book of faces?” we were all asking, in the days when we still loved MySpace. Oh how times have changed… 

Mean Girls was released in cinemas

Can you believe 10 years ago we hadn’t watched Tina Fey’s beloved high school comedy Mean Girls yet? We didn’t know we had to wear pink on Wednesdays. We didn’t know what a Burn Book was. We didn’t even know what fetch meant, for crying out loud. 

The Olympics were held in Greece

Great Britain won a total of 9 gold (two of those belonged to Kelly Holmes), 9 silver and 12 bronze medals that year. And London 2012 was just a twinkle in Sebastian Coe’s eye. 

Britney Spears got married in vegas 

It only lasted 55 hours though. She then got married again to her back-up dancer Kevin Federline later the same year. Apparently they dined on chicken wings while wearing matching tracksuits. 

Katie Price and Peter Andre fell in love on I’m a Celebrity

Are you team Katie or team Peter? Back in 2004 there were no teams. There was only flirting, the promise of a celebrity romance and lots of witchetty grubs. 

Lord of the Rings: Return of the King won big at the Oscars 

Lord of the Rings? It’s so ten years ago. The final film in the Tolkien tale came out in late 2003 but went on to win ELEVEN Oscars in 2004. ELEVEN. That’s every category it was nominated in. Little did we know then that a decade later we’d be waiting for the final part in another Peter Jackson led Hobbit-based trilogy…

Gywneth Paltrow welcomed baby Apple into the world 

And sparked worldwide discussion about whether Apple was an acceptable name to call a baby. The verdict is still out. 

Janet Jackson suffered THAT wardrobe malfunction 

Yep. This was the year Justin Timberlake ripped a pice of Janet Jackson’s top off live at the Super Bowl exposing her to the nation. Was it an accident or a well-planned publicity stunt? 10 years might have passed but we’re still not sure… 

Lost started 

You were first introduced to Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sawyer TEN years ago. JJ Abrams’s incredibly popular fantasy drama about the survivors of a plane crash kicked off in September 2004. It then ran for six series before ending in 2010. A lot of time has passed. We are still confused.

Do They Know It’s Christmas was top of the year-end charts

The remake by Band Aid 20, not the original, of course. The new version featured lyrics from the likes of Ms Dynamite, Dido, Busted, Natasha Bedingfield, Will Young, Lemar and Rachel Stevens.