Why The X Factor would miss Louis Walsh

The long-time judge's spot on this year's panel is yet to be confirmed - but really, the show wouldn't be right without him...


If the rumours are to be believed, returning X Factor judges Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole are picking this year’s remaining two judges – and feelings over Louis Walsh’s return aren’t the same


Cowell is said to want Louis to stay on the panel. Mr Walsh having been there from day one, with ten series under his belt. But Cole isn’t sure. The pair of course have a history, not just from the X Factor, but from his involvement with band Girls Aloud. 

Walsh himself has swung between leaving and wanting to stay. But it would be wrong to have the show without him, wouldn’t it?

He comes out with some classic one-liners, such as “I’m not sure you’re the full package” to a contestant with bulging trousers…

He’s really good at drumming up support. Usually by yelling repeatedly at the people from his acts’ hometown to pick up the phone and vote. 

Without Louis how would we know who is going be a huge pop star or which other already famous singer they’re a young version of?

We wouldn’t get to see these funky shades at Judges’ Houses stage

Or one of these roll necks


There’d be no Walshy weeps

No more declarations of love for Team Louis meaning the production team wouldn’t get to do this…

Even if some days feel like this, stick around Louis…

The X Factor 2014 returns later this year on ITV