The X Factor 2012 rumour mill: is Gary about to quit?

Crisis! The fall-out from Deadlockgate really is reaching an absolute fever pitch now


THE RUMOUR: Gary Barlow was so incensed by the chaotic elimination of country music megastar-in-waiting Carolynne Poole, rather than preened berk Rylan Clark, he not only stormed out of the studio live on air during Sunday’s X Factor Results: he’s now held CRISIS talks with X Factor bosses where’s he’s threatened to QUIT if this sort of nonsense HAPPENS again. Gary, you see, joined The X Factor to champion real talent, not take part in some cheap, theatrical weekend entertainment programme designed to generate gossip and ratings.


QUOTE FROM A “SOURCE” WHO PROBABLY DOESN’T EXIST: “Gary is fiercely proud of his reputation and signed up for the show because he wanted to nurture genuine talent. The reason he wanted to be on it was to put a stop to these tricks, and to stop insulting the artists and viewers. “The pantomime some of his fellow judges bring to the show drives him insane, and he believes it undermines the credibility of the whole show. Sunday’s antics infuriated him. He was livid… he called a dinner for last night and issued an ultimatum – if this ever happens again, he is off. No questions asked.” (The Sun)


RADIOTIMES.COM TRUTH RATING: 1/5. Joining The X Factor to “nurture genuine talent” is like trying to win a Michelin star shovelling chips at Maccy D’s. Come off it, Gaz.