What are the best and worst series finales in TV history?

Let us know what you think, and the best answers might just make it into Radio Times magazine...


The finale of Homeland series one is just a few weeks away on Channel 4 – and believe us, it’s one of the best endings to a series you’ll ever see.


That’s why we’re teaming up with the magazine to find the best and worst TV finales in history… and we need your help.

Perhaps you think the grand finale of Inspector Morse was simply heartbreaking, or the last episode of Cheers was unmissable television. Was episode 22, series seven of The West Wing your favourite finale ever, or is there no way that Sherlock’s series two cliffhanger can ever be beaten?

Equally, what series finales have left you feeling a bit cheated? After six years and 120 episodes asking increasingly difficult questions, did the Lost series six finale really deliver enough answers? Were you satisfied with the way The X Files left Mulder and Scully, and did you feel the end of Seinfeld lived up to the hype?

Let us know which series finales you love and which ones you loathe, and the best ones just might make it into Radio Times magazine. All you have to do is leave your answer in no more than 150 words in the comments section below.


So, it’s over to you.  Be imaginative, be creative, and try to surprise us…