The Festival

The Festival

Iain Morris (2018)

15 Certificate
Fri 5 Feb 9pm - 11pm Film4


Our Score
A post-graduate (Joe Thomas) seeks to get over his recent heartbreak by attending a music festival, which inevitably leads him into a world of chaos, intoxication, and painful-looking piercings. The spirit of The Inbetweeners is very much present in this comedy of misfortune, possibly because director Iain Morris and producer Damon Beesley were behind that TV hit and its two big-screen spin-offs. Unsurprisingly, The Festival follows a similar format, revelling in the same brand of queasy humour, but despite the many visually uncomfortable moments, the film's depiction of the mud and misery of festival life will be relatable to many. Thomas doesn't deviate too far from his established TV persona as a likeable nitwit, but he has enough charm to draw sympathy, despite his reluctance to give in to the festival vibe. He also has game support in Hammed Animashaun as best friend Shane, and Emma Rigby as a mysterious reveller. Consistently funny with a reasonably sincere message at its core, The Festival offers the chance to vicariously experience (or even relive) the mistakes of summer.


When Nick's girlfriend dumps him at graduation, he has a colossal meltdown in front of the entire university. He's convinced his life is over, but his best mate Shane has the perfect solution - three days at a music festival. With the help of `festival aficionado' and certified oddball Amy, Shane tries to get Nick to embrace the music, the mayhem and the mud. Comedy, starring Joe Thomas, Hannah Tointon, Hammed Animashaun and Jemaine Clement.

Cast & Crew

Nick Joe Thomas (1)
Caitlin Hannah Tointon
Shane Hammed Animashaun
Amy Claudia O'Doherty
Robin Jemaine Clement
Hammerhead Noel Fielding
Pirate Kurt Yaeger
Ricky the Tattooist Nick Frost
Smurf girl Emma Rigby
Rex Hugh Coles
Director Iain Morris
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: EntertainmentGuidance: swearing, sex scenes, drug abuseAvailable on: DVD and Blu-rayReleased on: 14 Aug 2018