George Knight’s story in EastEnders is set to get an extended episode


The BBC One soap will air the special episode on Wednesday 14th February 2024 from 7.30pm.

The episode is still expected to be released at 6am on BBC iPlayer and will run for 34 minutes.

The instalment is penned by Lauren Klee who was the scribe for the much-lauded Christmas 2023 episode which saw the death of Keanu Taylor at the hands of killer Linda Carter.

The focus of the episode is on the origins of publican George Knight (Colin Salmon) who recently discovered that his adopted parents Eddie (Christopher Fairbank) and Gloria (Elizabeth Counsell) lied about his origins.

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Discovering that he was not of Caribbean descent as he first believed, George learned he was obtained by his parents through baby “farming” and he was actually of Ghanaian heritage.

Despite the emotional discovery, George was reconciled with his parents, but they were clearly hiding the full truth from him.

Recent episodes have seen Eddie come to visit George as the veteran boxing trainer awaits an award for championing diversity - to the chagrin of his granddaughter Gina Knight (Francesca Henry) who is aware of his racist beliefs.

Next week, George heads with his family to his childhood ends for his father’s Award celebration and is received like a hero by Eddie’s pals.

George even begins to wonder if Eddie is more loving than he ever appeared.

However, Eddie’s friend Gerald lets slip that the jury will love George in his dad’s case.

George then discovers that Eddie is awaiting trial for racially aggravated murder and has been manipulating George to be a character witness.

As Gina’s birthday dawns, George tries to focus on his daughter but the appearance of Eddie and Gloria leads to upset and George rejects them despite his mother’s pleas to help.

Christopher Fairbank as Eddie Knight standing in the Queen Vic looking at Colin Salmon as George Knight who looks at him wiuth arms folded in EastEnders.
A dramatic confrontation occurs between Eddie (Christopher Fairbank, left) and adopted son George Knight (Colin Salmon). BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

George comes clean to Gina about what has happened and tries to rationalise his parents’ actions, to Gina’s frustrations.

However, George soon makes a more terrible discovery when he looks up the court case and calls Eddie for a confrontation.

As Wednesday’s special episode arrives, Eddie and Gloria arrive at the Queen Vic and George confronts his father.

As Gloria speaks with George’s fiancée Elaine Peacock (Harriet Thorpe) to get George to testify for his Eddie, father and son have a one-on-one showdown.

Soon the truth of George’s origins and Eddie’s racist behaviour emerges.

Just what will George discover about the secrets in his family?

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EastEnders airs Monday to Thursday on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

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