The third episode brings all the more Fire and Blood in the Stepstones.


House of the Dragon finally sees the brutal clash between the forces of Prince Daemon Targaryen (Matt Smith) and Lord Corlys Velaryon (Steve Toussaint) against the Triarchy in the Stepstones.

The leader of the Triarchy in the Stepstones is Craghas "The Crabfeeder" Drahar, a warlord who is conquering the Stepstones and disrupting the plans of House Velaryon.

Get to know the conquerer of the Stepstones below, including who plays him and what role he has to play in House of the Dragon.

Who is The Crabfeeder in House of the Dragon?

Daniel Scott Smith as The Crabfeeder in House of the Dragon
Daniel Scott Smith as The Crabfeeder in House of the Dragon HBO

He's a Prince-Admiral who serves the Triarchy, an alliance of Myr, Lys and Tyrosh.

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Craghas became a crucial character in the development and growth of the Triarchy when he liberated the Stepstones from pirates.

As a result, this meant a trade route between Westeros and Essos could be opened, bringing about new wealth for the Seven Kingdoms.

During this conquering, Craghas became known as the "Crabfeeder" for his unusual punishment methods where he would place pirates of the Stepstones on the beach and await the rising tide and whatever it brought to drown/eat them. Nasty.

Craghas Drahar hails from Myr, one of the nine Free Cities.

While many benefitted from the Crabfeeder's work, he would become greedy and would eventually start overcharging on tolls to the point of tyranny.

Ambitious Lord Corlys Velaryon (Steve Toussaint) and Prince Daemon seek to conquer the Stepstones for themselves; the latter is especially keen since he was shunned as the Prince of Dragonstone so he now desires a kingdom of his own.

The war in the Stepstones goes on for two years and it is a bloody and bitter struggle.

However, after King Viserys sends aid to Prince Daemon, the Rogue Prince heads out in a boat alone to confront the Crabfeeder.

Matt Smith as Prince Daemon Targaryen in House of the Dragon
Matt Smith as Prince Daemon Targaryen in House of the Dragon HBO

Pulling out a white flag, Daemon appears to surrender before taking on various soldiers himself. However, when more forces come down upon Dameon, he begins to be overwhelmed.

Then, the forces of the Velaryon fleet arrive as backup before Ser Laenor Velaryon emerges on his dragon and helps destroy more of the enemy.

The Crabfeeder retreats into a cave where Daemon tracks him down before returning out of the cave with his enemy's severed body.

What is the Crabfeeder's mask?

The Crabfeeder is wearing a mask similar to those worn by the Sons of the Harpy in Game of Thrones.

Fans of Game of Thrones will remember this was a cult in the Slavers Bay city of Meereen that rebelled against the rule of Queen Daenerys Targaryen.

Actor Daniel Scott-Smith told EW: "It was definitely a nod to that for, I guess, the fans, because it's something familiar for them."

He added: "We spoke about the idea of him being the first person to wear this mask and it becoming iconic and, therefore, it's built from that [for Game of Thrones]... Why is he wearing the mask? How does he feel about that? It's a power statement, so he's quite happy wearing it."

Is the Crabfeeder sick in House of the Dragon?

Yes, the warrior suffers from the fictional illness known as Greyscale.

Game of Thrones fans will remember this affliction was suffered by Ser Jorah Mormont (Iain Glen) until it was cured by Samwell Tarly (John Bradley) in the seventh season.

Who plays The Crabfeeder in House of the Dragon?

Craghas Drahar the 'Crabfeeder' is portrayed in House of the Dragon by British actor Daniel Scott-Smith.

The actor is a stage performer who has appeared in productions of The Invitation, Hamlet, Common, Red Nose, In Extremis, and Sweeney Todd.

Scott-Smith has also appeared in the Amazon television series Jungle and the film Men in Black: International.

The actor appears in more than one episode of House of the Dragon.

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