Season 2 of The Traitors is currently underway, and what a start to the new season!


So far, we've seen new twists, with a fourth Traitor chosen secretly at night. As well as this, the shields are no longer hidden in the armoury, but instead are out in the open for the cast to steal – which hasn't gone down too well, with the likes of Kyra being "murdered" after admitting to picking up a shield during a challenge.

As well as this, we've seen two others players leave, with Aubrey becoming the first to be "murdered" and poor Sonja getting banished at the roundtable.

And who can forget Diane and Ross's big secret, as the duo revealed to viewers that they're mother and son – something they won't be telling the others.

But that's not all, with episode three ending on a cliffhanger, with Ash, Brian, and Diane having received the most votes.

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Here, columnist Hannah Byczkowski shares her thoughts on season 2 so far, revealing who she thinks will be banished and her thoughts on Diane and Ross's family secret.

Hannah on The Traitors season 2

I was so not looking forward to watching the second series, as everybody knows, because I've made it very, very clear that I'm very jealous about everything that's going on the castle. I want to be involved in it. I want to be there, but I can't be so I wasn't really looking forward to it.

But I watched it and it is so interesting to watch it from this point of view. I am obsessed! I think I had about two hours sleep the night before, and I stayed up to about one o'clock the next morning watching it and it is so good.

The mum situation – I mean that doesn't happen until episode three. But even getting to know all the characters. It's very similar to our season, but it's also really different. It's very weird, but I'm very into it.

The Traitors season 2 cast sitting around the roundtable blind folded as Claudia Winkleman picks the new Traitors.
The Traitors cast. BBC

Obviously the first episode you're just kind of being introduced to everybody. We did a little task, which is quite similar to [theirs]. So it's kind of got the nod to the first series with like little twists and turns. I really enjoyed the first episode.

But then, we get down to the Traitors and and I was surprised because Claudia [Winkleman] picked the Traitors who really wanted to be Traitors. I thought she might throw a random one in there – someone who really desperately didn't want to do it, like Diane. I would have loved to see Diane. I mean Diane is an icon already, she's a meme, she's everywhere.

And the mother and son thing is very exciting – obsessed with that! [I'm] also very worried because they [Diane and Ross] do really, really look similar. Exactly the same. She doesn't look like Paul, but she does look like Ross.

And then in episode three where it's left on a cliffhanger. In my opinion, Paul's gone too hard too soon. I would have used Ash as a scapegoat. I would have voted off Brian or somebody else – God, love you Brian – but I would have voted you off 100 per cent.

I would have voted off somebody else and I would have kept Ash as a scapegoat for another round table, because she's not very good at lying, which is a nice thing to say about somebody. But she isn't holding it together particularly well, and Paul and Harry both voted for her.

And now if Ash gets through... that's going to be the most awkward thing I've ever seen. And I'm living for it!

Hannah on the Traitors

Paul for The Traitors season 2. Paul has his back turned with one arm risen
Paul in The Traitors. BBC/Studio Lambert/Mark Mainz

I think Paul is getting dizzy with power. I hope not because I do like him and I want to see him go far, but I think he's gonna have a fall because he's too confident with it. I don't know, he makes me a bit nervous. So I think he's going to get caught out for something silly.

I think Harry's probably a bit better because he's a bit more cautious. He's a bit more weary, but he's still playing the game really well.

Ash, God I love her [but] I don't think she's going to last a few seconds, because she looks incredibly guilty. I said it about Kieran [in season 1]. She's about as subtle as a brick, she can't hide her emotions, which isn't very good. It's a good trait to have in the real world, but not in The Traitors, unfortunately.

And Miles! He's a dark horse. He's one of my favourites, actually. He seems so nice that I thought maybe he wouldn't be able to kind of cheat anybody or lie to them, but he has two children at home. In the back of his head, he's going to be like, 'Is my family more important than these strangers that I've known for two seconds?' You can overcome the guilt when you have something like that to do it for.

"Diane and Ross are playing with fire"

Diane for The Traitors season 2. She is wearing a pink shirt and cream trousers with her hands in her pockets
Diane in The Traitors. BBC/Studio Lambert/Mark Mainz

Oh my God, how can you keep that secret? I was watching it with my mum, and I was like, 'I would have called you mum'. They'd be like, 'Can you tell Diane to come here, and I'd be like, 'Mum! Dad wants you in the kitchen' and then everybody would know all about it.

I don't know how they're keeping it... especially as they keep making digs at each other. Ross said that his mum's Sunday dinner was s**t, he said her Sunday dinner was rubbish, she comes at him with another retort. They're playing with fire for sure, but it's got to come out. I really hope it comes out. I'm so excited for when it comes out!

My mum said to me when I was watching it, because I was like, 'This is amazing. I love the mother and son thing'. And my mum very rightly said, 'But when you were in it and Tom and Alex came out as a couple you absolutely hated it'. And I was like, 'Yeah, because I was in the game'.

You kind of feel as though you're being cheated by them. You feel as though there's two of them so they stand a better chance of getting far – one of them might be a Traitor, the other might be a Faithful. So it feels like people have unfair information, which isn't true, but at the time your emotions are so short and they're so high that you'll cling onto anything so if they find out they're mother and son, they're going to go after them like wolves!

Traitors rivalry?

Ash and Miles were shocked that Harry and Paul went for Ash, so there's going to be this little rivalry. I think if Ash goes, Paul and Harry might be able to charm themselves back. Miles is going to have no choice because he's going to be by himself so he's not going to be able to throw them under the bus all at the same.

I don't know, I'm a bit worried for Miles if Ash goes. It's so confusing because the last person to vote is Anthony and I don't think I know which way he's gonna sway, because in the first vote around that round table, I don't think he picked Ash or Brian.

So it's going to be very interesting to see who's going!

Hannah answers

What do you think of the cast?

I really love Miles. I really want Miles to win. I mean, I like Harry. I like all of them. Everyone seems very nice, but I do think that's the secret of The Traitors. I think that's why it's so good because they never put anyone in there who isn't nice. Everyone is put in there because they have charm, they have charisma and they're interesting. No one mean or horrible.

But that's why the experiment is so interesting because it's what happens when you put 22 genuinely nice people in a castle and you pit them against each other for £120,000.

I think a lot is going to happen. The difference with this cast is that they think they know what to expect, so they've gone in a bit more cunning, a bit colder I think. I think they're all a bit colder, little bit wary, a bit defensive of each other because they know what's going to happen in the game. They know what to expect – or they think they do.

I would like to see more close relationships grow, but at the moment, they're a bit defensive. I do want to see that kind of, like, blooming friendship, but I'm not sure if we're going to see it or not. Hopefully soon.

Who do you think will be banished?

The Traitors season 2 contestant Brian looking stressed at the roundtable while sitting next to Charlotte.
Brian and Charlotte in The Traitors. BBC

I think it could be Brian. I think Brian is going, because that weird moment around the roundtable, I was like, 'Shut up Brian! Be quiet'. It made him look really guilty and I know he's not and you can see why he's had that moment, but he seemed more bothered about being called a sheep then actually catching a Traitor. Being a sheep is great! That's exactly what you want to be. That's what you want to be seen as by the Traitors, because you're not a threat if you're a sheep.

They know that they can kind of manoeuvre you as they see fit. They're the puppet masters, they can pull the strings and that's exactly what you need them to think. So Brian's in [the] kind of a perfect situation, or he was, until he let his mouth runneth over and then I think he might have ruined it for himself.

But he just looks a bit guilty, he looks a little confused and he's just he's not making any sense. And I think everyone's looking for any excuse to call you a Traitor, because it's hard to decide who you think is a Traitor and if there's any excuse for anyone, people will cling on to so whether or not you're a Traitor, doesn't matter.

If you start doing stuff like that people are going to cling on to it.

The Traitors season 2 airs on BBC One and BBC iPlayer on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 9pm. Season 1 is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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