**Warning: Contains spoilers for The Traitors season 2.**


There are just three episodes left of The Traitors season 2, and the huge prize fund could either end up in the hands of the Faithfuls or the Traitors!

Harry, Andrew and Ross are the final Traitors standing as a result of brutal backstabbing and shady round table moments that led to three of the original group of Traitors being banished.

As usual, the remaining contestants have been competing in tasks to raise money for the prize pot as they hope to win up to £120,000, but with the Traitors plotting against them, will it be that easy?

The Traitors have the power to "murder" players under the cloak of darkness, while the other contestants will try their hardest to banish Traitors during the roundtables.

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If all the Traitors have been banished by the final, the remaining Faithfuls will walk away with the cash prize, but if any Traitors remain in the game, the money will be all theirs.

Read on for everything you need to know about The Traitors season 2, including the release schedule, new twists and what to expect.

The Traitors season 2 release date

The Traitors season 2 started BBC One and BBC iPlayer on Wednesday 3rd January, with episodes 2 and 3 becoming available to stream on BBC iPlayer straight after.

Episodes will air from Wednesday to Friday on BBC One, with there set to be 12 episodes in the new season.

Keep an eye on our The Traitors release schedule for more information.

When time is The Traitors on TV?

The next episode of The Traitors season 2 will air on Wednesday 24th January at 9pm on BBC One.

The following two episodes will be available to watch on Thursday 25th January and Friday 26th January at 9pm on BBC One.

What to expect from The Traitors season 2

Anthony, Kyra, Sonja, Miles, Jaz, and Charlotte
Anthony, Kyra, Sonja, Miles, Jaz and Charlotte. BBC/Studio Lambert/Llara Plaza

Season 2 is looking to be a little different. Ahead of the launch, Claudia Winkleman confirmed a big format twist for season 2.

Speaking with the BBC, Winkleman revealed that the armoury has gone, and now there is a kitchen – but promised to keep tight-lipped about the upcoming instalment.

The news of the series renewal was announced back in February 2023, two months after the first season ended with a shocking betrayal and a huge revelation for the Faithfuls.

As viewers have seen from the first episode, contestants have the chance to win shields from themselves, if they deviate from the mission, which could raise some eyebrows from the fellow contestants.

The new season will see Winkleman at the helm of the show once more, alongside a new group of 22 contestants who will enter the castle to take on the ultimate game of trust and treachery in the hopes of winning £120,000.

Upon the announcement that the show will return, Winkleman said: "I can’t wait to go back to the castle to watch people play the greatest game on television. I’m knitting a high funnel sweater immediately."

Is there a The Traitors season 2 trailer?

There is! The BBC released a trailer for season 2, and now we can't wait for it to start.

You can watch the clip below:

The Traitors season 2 cast

The 22 new strangers taking part in The Traitors were announced a couple of days before the show premiered.

The full line-up for The Traitors season 2 cast is below.

  • Andrew
  • Anthony
  • Ash
  • Aubrey
  • Brian
  • Charlie
  • Charlotte
  • Diane
  • Evie
  • Harry
  • Jasmine
  • Jaz
  • Jonny
  • Kyra
  • Meg
  • Miles
  • Mollie
  • Paul
  • Ross
  • Sonja
  • Tracey
  • Zack

Speaking exclusively to RadioTimes.com at this year's National Television Awards, The Traitors winners Hannah Byczkowski and Meryl Williams and one of the series' Traitors, Wilfred Webster, spoke about whether or not they're going to tune into the new season of the show.

Meryl remarked: "We want an all-stars, they want to bring us back!"

Claudia Winkelman and the contestants of The Traitors season 1.
Claudia Winkleman and the contestants of The Traitors season 1. BBC/Studio Lambert Associates/Mark Mainz

Wilfred also said: "We want an all-stars but we will watch it, of course. We support them, they've changed our lives. I'll be jealous but it'll be nice to sit down and watch it not knowing what's going to happen, so that'll be good."

We do also know that unlike the Australian and American versions of the show, The Traitors season 2 won't feature any celebrity contestants, with the BBC confirming this to RadioTimes.com. While Friends star Courtney Cox teased being interested in appearing, it looks as though the format of having regular people on the show will stay the same in season 2.

When is The Traitors final?

It has been confirmed that the final episode of The Traitors will air on Friday 26th January with a 70-minute episode! There is no doubt there will be plenty of drama with whoever ends up with the money.

The Traitors season 2 airs Wednesday to Friday on BBC One and BBC iPlayer. The Traitors season 1 is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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