**Warning: Contains spoilers for The Traitors season 2.**


The Traitors season 2 has reached a dramatic end, with one contestant emerging victorious and pocketing the huge cash prize.

From a group of 22, only five contestants made it to the final, which aired on Friday (26th January) and is now available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

From the "murder" by fizzy rosé of 'Ar Di' to Harry turning on his fellow Traitor Paul, there have been some fantastic moments on the series this year.

Read on for everything you need to know about The Traitors season 2 cast, including who the Faithfuls and Traitors were, and who was "murdered" or banished.

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The Traitors season 2 cast

The full line-up for The Traitors season 2 cast is below.

  • Andrew - Banished
  • Anthony - Banished
  • Ash - Banished
  • Aubrey - "Murdered"
  • Brian - Banished
  • Charlie - "Murdered"
  • Charlotte - Banished
  • Diane - "Murdered"
  • Evie - Banished
  • Harry - Winner
  • Jasmine - Banished
  • Jaz - Banished
  • Jonny - Banished
  • Kyra - "Murdered"
  • Meg - "Murdered"
  • Miles - Banished
  • Mollie - Runner-up
  • Paul - Banished
  • Ross - Banished
  • Sonja - Banished
  • Tracey - "Murdered"
  • Zack - "Murdered"

Read more about the confirmed contestants below.


Mollie - Faithful

Mollie for The Traitors season 2. Mollie is wearing a leather jacket with her arms crossed
Mollie. BBC/Studio Lambert/Mark Mainz

Age: 21

Job: Disability model

Location: Bristol

Status: Faithful

Describing herself as "super excitable", Mollie is looking forward to the missions as she loves an adventure.

While on the show, Mollie plans to make as many friends as possible: "The more friends you have in there, the better".

"I'm quite good at building that relationship but also separating myself in a way which I feel like will be really good in the game. You have to turn on people at some points, and that person could be your friend in there."

Andrew - Traitor

Andrew in the Traitors season 2, crossing his arms.
Andrew. BBC/Studio Lambert/Mark Mainz

Age: 45

Job: Insurance broker

Location: Talbot Green

Status: Traitor

Andrew aims to help the contestants who are struggling or getting a bit stressed due to his "empathetic and understanding" nature.

Having watched season one, Andrew has a game plan of sorts. He said: "I have worked in close protection security, so I looked after a lot of VIPs in London. This meant I had to be on my toes, be alert, and be able to adapt at the drop of a hat. So yes, I do think you've got to have some form of game plan when you go in, but I think you've got to be able to change that as the game develops."

If he is a traitor, Andrew will do "whatever it takes, within reason" when it comes to winning the game.

He explained: "I'll just think of my family, my son, I want to make them proud and I want a better life for them. I'm a nice person deep down and when my family are watching on the TV, they will know the real me."

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Evie - Faithful

Evie for The Traitors season 2. Evie is wearing a black jacket and white t-shirt with her hand resting on her chin
Evie. BBC/Studio Lambert/Mark Mainz

Age: 29

Job: Veterinary nurse

Location: Inverness

Status: Faithful

Evie knows what she wants and it's to be a Traitor. She believes she'll make a good Traitor because she looks like "such a Faithful".

While many people don't believe Evie to be mischievous, the 29-year-old hopes this shows that she'd be really good at it.

She said: "I think my game plan is to let people believe those preconceptions of me, I’m blonde and I’ve got the dimples, and I work with animals and I’m sweet."

Harry - Traitor

Harry for The Traitors season 2. He is wearing a khaki green overskirt and white t-shirt
Harry. BBC/Studio Lambert/Mark Mainz BBC/Studio Lambert/Mark Mainz

Age: 22

Job: British Army engineer

Location: Slough

Status: Traitor

Harry has no fear and he hopes that'll be one of his strengths going into the mission.

He explained: "I've never had any fear; I'd jump from an aeroplane, skydive and jump off cliffs. I’ve done all of it at work so I'm sure I'll be fine up in Scotland.

"I’m also used to working in teams and every day I'm in groups, whether they are big or small, trying to solve tasks, bouncing off each other. I think I'll be really good at working out the strengths of people and putting them into positions that they’ll work best at."

Jaz - Faithful

Jaz for The Traitors season 2. Jaz is wearing a white jacket with his hand resting on his chin
Jaz. BBC/Studio Lambert/Mark Mainz

Age: 30

Job: National account manager

Location: Manchester

Status: Faithful

Jaz is bringing "pure energy" to the game and is ready to put all of his fitness into the various missions to win as much money as possible.

If he is chosen to be a Traitor, Jaz explained he would be "absolutely buzzing".

"I'm ready to be one, it's just perfect. I feel like I'll be able to play it well. I'm hyping myself up now, I need to calm myself down!"

Murdered/banished Traitors contestants

Jasmine - Banished in episode 11

Jasmine for The Traitors season 2. Jasmine is wearing a white jumper with her back turned.
Jasmine. BBC/Studio Lambert/Mark Mainz

Age: 26

Job: Sales Executive

Location: London

Status: Faithful

Jasmine is aiming to bring humour and excitement to the game, noting that it can feel very serious at times and so she wants to lighten things up when it all gets a bit tense.

If she is chosen to be a Traitor, Jasmine doesn't thing there's anything she wouldn't do to win the game, within reason.

"If I have to eliminate someone, if I have to steal the big pot of money, that's absolutely fine."

Zack - "Murdered" in episode 11

Zack for The Traitors season 2. He is wearing a white t shirt and a black shirt. He is holding onto his glasses, looking curious.
Zack. BBC/Studio Lambert/Mark Mainz

Age: 27

Job: Parliamentary affairs advisor

Location: London

Status: Faithful

If chosen to be a Faithful, Zack thinks he'll bring more to the game than if he were picked to be a Traitor.

"I've got a massive mouth so I can’t really keep anything a secret. If I am a Faithful I'll bring my perception, I'll bring an understanding of what people are thinking and lies they might be weaving without them really realising it because of my career."

Ross - Banished in episode 10

Ross for The Traitors season 2. Ross is wearing a black t-shirt and is smiling
Ross. BBC/Studio Lambert/Mark Mainz

Age: 28

Job: Video director

Location: Lancashire

Status: Traitor

If chosen to be a Traitor, Ross admitted he'd feel a bit "gutted" because then he has to play the game.

"I feel like it would put me on edge a bit and I might not be able to fully be myself. If I'm probing, I can have a bit of fun with that but if I'm having to lie to people, it sets me on edge a bit. But, you know, at the same time it's a game and I've done it before in Among Us, this is a bit of a bigger scale, but I could definitely do it again!"

Charlotte - Banished in episode 9

Charlotte for The Traitors season 2. She is wearing a red t-shirt and a plaid shirt. She is standing with her hands behind her back, looking serious.
Charlotte. BBC/Studio Lambert/Mark Mainz

Age: 32

Job: Recruitment manager

Location: Warwickshire

Status: Faithful

Charlotte applied for The Traitors because "it looks quite challenging" and after some encouragement from her family, here she is!

Charlotte has a plan that some contestants may not see coming, as she plans to "kill with kindness".

She explained: "I feel like you need to assess your group first, you need to get to know everyone and work them out. I wouldn't play the same gameplay as everybody else."

Charlie - "Murdered" in episode 9

Charlie for The Traitors season 2. She is wearing a plaid shirt and black t-shirt with her hands on her hips
Charlie. BBC/Studio Lambert/Mark Mainz

Age: 34

Job: Mental health area manager

Location: Bristol

Status: Faithful

As well as her Bristolian accent, Charlie is bringing her bubbly and considerate personality to the game.

When it comes to her game plan, Charlie hopes to adapt to her surroundings and to people around her.

She said: "I'm going to really trust my instincts with people. I am going to play the game because that's what it is, a TV programme. The aim of the game really is to not look like you're a Traitor enough to be sent home. But then you don't want to be off the radar because you'll get murdered, you have to find that middle ground."

Paul - Banished in episode 8

Paul for The Traitors season 2. Paul has his back turned with one arm risen
Paul. BBC/Studio Lambert/Mark Mainz BBC/Studio Lambert/Mark Mainz

Age: 36

Job: Business manager

Location: Manchester

Status: Traitor

Much like the other contestants, Paul is bringing humour to the game.

He explained: "I love comedy, if I could be a comedian that would be my dream job. I've done stand-up and did it down south at the Comedy Store in London and it’s just mind-blowing. If I can get comedy in there then I think it's a really powerful tool to bond people and maybe diffuse situations when they get so tense.
"Maybe I can be a little bit of a comfort blanket and a distraction in that way. I guess last year there was no one in there that was exactly like me which is a good thing. Hopefully, I can have my own little niche."

Miles - Banished in episode 7

Miles for The Traitors season 2. Miles is wearing a black blazer and white turtleneck as he smiles
Miles. BBC/Studio Lambert/Mark Mainz BBC/Studio Lambert/Mark Mainz

Age: 36

Job: Veterinary nurse

Location: Birmingham

Status: Traitor

If there's anything Miles can bring to the game, it has to be humour.

"Humour is my number on really, so I find the funny in everything. Obviously respectfully," he said. "Humour is probably the first thing that I bring forward because that’s my norm, even if I've been cooped up that's what I fall back onto to make myself feel comfortable again. I'm happy to laugh at myself...and others."

Diane - "Murdered" in episode 7

Diane for The Traitors season 2. She is wearing a pink shirt and cream trousers with her hands in her pockets
Diane. BBC/Studio Lambert/Mark Mainz

Age: 63

Job: Retired teacher

Location: Lancashire

Status: Faithful

Diane hopes to bring humour and motivation to the game, citing them as some of her "best qualities".

Unlike the other contestants, Diane doesn't really have a game plan because from watching the previous season she noted the players "used anything they could find against each other".

Anthony - Banished in episode 6

Anthony from The Traitors season 2, looking mischevious.
Anthony. BBC/Studio Lambert/Mark Mainz

Age: 45

Job: Chess coach

Location: Birmingham

Status: Faitful

Intrigued by the idea that The Traitors is like a game of chess, Anthony felt that the show was for him. "I've never applied for a game show or anything before but this format is 100 per cent me."

Anthony has found that he is able to manage his emotions, which will no doubt come in handy when it comes to the game.

He explained: "I think that's something that's going to be really key, because if you don't keep your emotions in check, you might say the wrong thing at the wrong time and rub people up the wrong way. I believe it's something that I will definitely be able to bring to the game."

If he is chosen to be a Traitor, Anthony is prepared to go "all the way" to win the game.

Tracey - Faithful

Tracey for The Traitors season 2. Tracey has her finger on her chin
Tracey. BBC/Studio Lambert/Mark Mainz

Age: 58

Job: Sonographer and Clairvoyant

Location: Inverness

Status: Faithful

Tracey thinks she will be quite eccentric when taking part in the game due to her "strong extrovert personality".

But as far as game plans go, Tracey is going in without one.

"I'm just going to live moment to moment and do what feels right, trust my gut instinct. I'm just going to enjoy it. I'm winging it because I live life like that."

Jonny - Banished in episode 5

Jonny for The Traitors season 2. He is wearing a blue jacket and white t-shirt with his arms crossed
Jonny. BBC/Studio Lambert/Mark Mainz

Age: 31

Job: Ex-military

Location: Bedfordshire

Status: Faithful

Jonny aims to make up his game plan as he goes along.

He explained: "I know that sounds unorganised, but it’s a very organised way of thinking in my head. I think very differently and that’s the way I approach things. I’m fresh into it and if I was to be a game player, it would be on the spot based on the situation that was in front of me."

Meg - "Murdered" in episode 5

Meg for The Traitors season 2. Meg is wearing a multi-coloured jumper and glasses.
Meg. BBC/Studio Lambert/Mark Mainz

Age: 22

Job: Illustrator

Location: Herefordshire

Status: Faithful

With a good poker face in tow, Meg believes she is "fairly good" at spotting a liar.

"If my friends are lying to me in the moment, I can tell. Just the other day I asked a friend how she was and she said, 'I'm alright' and I said, 'You are not fine, tell me what's up', I just knew it. So, I'm good, but maybe not to the extent of a game of The Traitors, but with my friends at least."

Ash - Banished in episode 4

Ash for The Traitors season 2. She is wearing a multi-coloured jumper with her arms folded
Ash. BBC/Studio Lambert/Mark Mainz BBC/Studio Lambert/Mark Mainz

Age: 45

Job: Events coordinator

Location: London

Status: Traitor

Ash has spent her life moving cities, countries and doing different things but she was looking for an adventure and so applied for The Traitors.

Describing herself as "an adaptable, resilient person", Ash believes she will be "really good" at keeping her composure.

When asked how far she is prepared to go to win the game if she is a Traitor, Ash said: "It's a game, and if I need to wipe the floor with you to win, then that's exactly what I'll do. That sounds so horrible! I don't mean to be horrible, but you know, it's a game and I'm playing to win."

Brian - Banished in episode 4

Brian for The Traitors season 2. Brian is wearing a stripy unbuttoned shirt with a white-shirt beneath and glasses
Brian. BBC/Studio Lambert/Mark Mainz

Age: 33

Job: Photographer

Location: Glasgow

Status: Faithful

Brian wants to take part in The Traitors for "the experience" and plans to enjoy himself and not take life too seriously. He will be trying his hardest in the missions to win the money and believes he'll be "quite entertaining".

Unlike some other contestants, Brian doesn't have much of a game plan. "I don't know what I'm going to be yet so can't have too much of a game plan as it might change," he explained.

If he is chosen to be a Traitor, Brian would "love" it because he would be more in control of his fate. "It would mean that I'd be on the show for longer, which would then mean I'm in with a better chance of genuinely having the full experience."

Kyra - "Murdered" in episode 3

Kyra for The Traitors season 2. Kyra has her back turned and is wearing a white cardigan
Kyra. BBC/Studio Lambert/Mark Mainz

Age: 21

Job: Apprentice economist

Location: Kent

Status: Faithful

Kyra believes she will bring something to the game "that a lot of people won't have seen before", which is someone "very young who's outspoken and not afraid to speak their mind or stand up for themselves".

"I also like to push my boundaries. I'm successful at my job and I have the ability to be articulate and socialise with other people, so I think I’ll be good in the game."

Aubrey - "Murdered" in episode 2

Aubrey for The Traitors season 2. Aubrey is wearing a suit and smiling
Aubrey. BBC/Studio Lambert/Mark Mainz

Age: 67

Job: Retired shop owner

Location: Loughborough

Status: Faithful

Aubrey's goal on The Traitors is to win and if he gets chosen to be a Traitor or a Faithful, he will do all he can.

Explaining his gameplay if he is chosen to be a Faithful, Aubrey said: "To be a Faithful you've got to be observant. So, if I'm a Faithful, I'll have to watch people.

"You've got to be observant and alert, watching for signs. I would say I'm cunning, as cunning as a fox. I am a bit like that but not in a nasty way!"

Aubrey was the first contestant to be "murdered" at the beginning of episode 2.

Sonja - Banished in episode 2

Sonja for The Traitors season 2. Sonja is wearing a camouflage shirt with her finger on her chin
Sonja. BBC/Studio Lambert/Mark Mainz

Age: 66

Job: Volunteer business mentor

Location: Lancashire

Status: Faithful

When it comes to game plans, Sonja plans to knit her way to the finals and even hopes to teach some of the other contestants how to knit whilst they're in the castle.

After The Traitors, Sonja would like to set up a charity aimed at knitting in the community for young people to be together.

Sonja was the first contestant to be banished.

The Traitors season 2 airs on BBC One on Wednesday to Friday at 9pm. The Traitors season 1 is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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