**Warning: Contains full spoilers for The Traitors season 2.**


The Traitors season 2 has come to a dramatic conclusion, with one contestant walking away with the massive prize pot.

The final five contestants were Jaz, Andrew, Harry, Evie and Mollie but in the end it was Harry who emerged victorious, bagging the full £95,150 prize money.

Harry, who was an original Traitor in season 2, certainly played a clever game throughout the show, gaining the trust of the Faithfuls and throwing fellow Traitors Ash and Paul under the bus in a series of shock moves that no one saw coming.

After his big win, Harry's girlfriend, CBBC presenter Anna Maynard, shared her pride on social media, writing on her Instagram Story: "My winner. BEYOND proud of u."

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Here's everything you need to know about Harry.

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Who is Harry from The Traitors?

Age: 22

Job: British Army engineer

Location: Slough

At 22, Harry is one of the younger contestants in this year's line-up.

Despite not watching much TV, the British Army engineer really got into season 1, and binged the whole thing in just two days.

He was particularly inspired by Wilfred, who narrowly missed out on the prize pot.

"I liked Wilfred, obviously, he was great. But I think towards the end, he sort of cracked, and you could see that – he could have won it easily! I say easily, but I’ve never experienced it.

"Watching from the outside, the way he went about it was really good until the very end. I pretty much liked all of them; Hannah was really good, too, and in fact, all of the winners," Harry said.

If you are a Traitor, how far are you prepared to go to win the game?

All the way, 100 per cent. Traitor or Faithful, either way I’m going all the way to the end. I’m going in there to win it. Especially as a Traitor, I’ve already thought of how I would’ve handled situations from the last series. I’ve thought of everything.

It sounds so bad, and I feel guilty already, but at the end of the day it’s a game, and I’m sure everyone will be happy when it's all over. I’ll buy them a couple of drinks!

If you're a Faithful, what do you think your game plan would be?

It’s pretty simple: I’ll just be 100 per cent honest. I’m going to have no lies, no secrets about my life, and instead open up and speak about my life and my experiences. I think that’s where some people went wrong last time, they held a lot of things back.

If you lie, even if you’re not a Traitor, you’re in such close proximity that the knowledge that you’re capable of lying might make them just assume you’re a Traitor anyway. If I'm just truthful, then there's never a situation where someone can call me out on anything I’ve said or start subconsciously thinking I’m a Traitor. So, my Faithful plan is to just be 100 per cent faithful about everything.

Why did Harry join The Traitors?

Harry and Zack having a discussion at the roundtable
Harry and Zack.

Harry applied for The Traitors because he thought it was "a great opportunity".

"It's a life changing experience and not many people get to say that they've been on TV!" Harry said ahead of his appearance on the show. "It will be such a great experience. Don't get me wrong though, the money at the end would also be life-changing."

Is Harry from The Traitors on Instagram?

Yes! You can keep up to date with Harry over on Instagram @harryclarky. He currently has over 25,000 followers and he has recently been sharing clips and photos from his time on The Traitors.

The Traitors final airs on Friday 26th January on BBC One and BBC iPlayer. The Traitors season 1 is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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