Season 2 of The Traitors is finally here, with 22 players making themselves at home in the Scottish castle.


Over the 12 episodes, the contestants will work together to build their prize pot of up to £120,000, while trying to suss out who the Traitors are among them.

For the Traitors, their job will be to keep their identity under wraps while 'murdering' under a cloak of darkness.

One contestant who always wanted to be a Traitor is Paul, saying "to participate in the show fully is to be a Traitor".

And thankfully, he got his wish when Claudia tapped him on the shoulder alongside Ash, Miles and Harry. Three episodes of the show have aired so far, with three contestants making their exits.

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Read on for everything you need to know about Paul - including why he decided to sign up for the BBC One show and his game plan.

Who is Paul?

Age: 36

Job: Business manager

Location: Manchester

Business manager Paul decided to sign up for the show after being convinced by his friends and family.

He said: "There are two answers for this. First and foremost, all of my friends and family said, 'You need to watch this show, you need to go on this show.' That was before I had seen it, and I still don’t know if that’s a compliment or not! When I watched it, it was about people that are really good at lying, what were they saying?!

"So, there was that, but then I watched it and just fell in love with it straight away, as it’s properly up my street.

"I love the activity side of things, especially the mission where they were walking across the drawbridge blindfolded, I really loved that. Then the round table with people’s emotions running high, I thought this is definitely something I could get involved in and, you know what, I might be able to succeed in."

This isn't the first time Paul has appeared on television. In 2010, he took part in Channel 4 game show Deal or No Deal, and when he was just 22 he appeared on four-part series Quest For The Backflip, which explored his love of BMX riding.

And that's not his only hobby. Paul is also an aspiring comedian and has enjoyed a number of appearances on podcast Chatabix, hosted by comedians and actors Joe Wilkinson and David Earl, who had high praise for Paul during a chat with Chortle.

"From the moment I met Paul I could see he had that X Factor," said Earl. "This man is going all the way to the top. Step aside guys. Welcome to the future of television."

Wilkinson added: "We knew Paul was destined for greatness the first time we spoke to him and we are over the moon that the rest of the country is now getting to enjoy Paul in his full glory."

Speaking about how his flair for comedy could help him on the show, Paul said: "If I can get comedy in there then I think it's a really powerful tool to bond people and maybe diffuse situations when they get so tense. Maybe I can be a little bit of a comfort blanket and a distraction in that way.

"I guess last year there was no one in there that was exactly like me which is a good thing. Hopefully, I can have my own little niche."

If you are a Traitor, how do you think you'll feel?

Well, if Claudia touches my shoulder, I'm never washing that top again. I hope that happens, because the more I think about what the show is, it is about the real Traitors, right? To participate in the show fully is to be a Traitor, I think.

It’s great to be a Faithful and find the Traitors, but I want to be the one that people are trying to find. I would just try to be calm, normal and just like me. If it happens, I'd be buzzing.

Would you say you’ve got a good poker face?

Yes. People think that with a poker face you always have to be stern, be stoic and not show emotion - I disagree with that. I think, if you can show happiness when you’re really sad or sadness when you're really happy, those are better qualities.

Reading people is another strength that I think I will bring when I go in, because I think I can see it in people’s face when something has changed. I fancy myself here, a little bit.

I’m in the corporate world, and that type of environment happens quite often; where you’re sat in a room and you're being grilled and you’re defending yourself. I've been in that situation quite a few times before. So, I think this is perfect.

The Traitors airs on BBC One on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 9pm. The first three episodes are now available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

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