With the 2023 season of Love Island just days away from crowning its champions, we all knew that the iconic Baby Challenge was overdue and yesterday's episode finally delivered it... along with five plastic bundles of joy.


The remaining couples were put to the ultimate test in last night's episode as they were thrust into the world of parenthood – but which islanders were Mum and Dad of the Year?

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Episode 52 began with the islanders processing Casey O'Gorman and Rosie Seabrook's exit and Tom Clare was taking it particularly badly, tearfully telling Samie Elishi how much Casey helped him in the villa.

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Kai on Love Island. ©ITV Plc

However, it's not long before he gets a new little buddy in the form of a small plastic child – yes, last night saw the return of the Baby Challenge!

The islanders woke up to the grating screams of infants and discovered that each couple had their own cherub to look after for the day.

Kai Fagan and Sanam Harrinanan decided to name theirs Bruno after Bruno Fernandes (we think it's safe to safe that Sanam didn't get much of a say in the naming process), while Shaq Muhammad and Tanya Manhenga went for Shanya and Tom and Samie went for Tammie. Inventive!

Will named his and Jessie's baby Rufus, after one of his sheep, while Lana Jenkins and Ron Hall decided on Adibella.

It wasn't long before tensions arose over the parenting challenge, with Ron becoming frustrated over Lana's lack of effort, saying she was the "fit mum who's done nothing", before Tanya made a joke questioning the baby's father, which didn't impress Shaq much.

The boys then received a text, telling them that they were heading out of the villa with the babies on a day trip – although Will almost forgot Rufus. Visiting the park with their offspring, the boys spoke about the future, with Kai saying that he would love to have real children with Sanam. Aw!

Back at the villa, Tanya spoke to Lana about the "baby daddy" joke that she made, with Lana saying that Shaq is still sensitive after everything that happened at Casa Amor.

After the boys returned to the villa, it was baby disco time! With a dance-off, musical chairs and various other games taking place, there were big children's birthday party vibes around the fire pit, and after a long day of parenting, Tom and Samie were declared the Love Island 2023 parent champions.

Once the babies were in bed, Tanya decided to speak to Shaq about the joke she made earlier, telling him that she didn't mean it – however, you could tell she was still annoyed about his reaction to it.

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