Tonight is the big night!


After three weeks of rule breaks, shock nominations and even more wild eviction nights, the time has come to crown the new winner of Celebrity Big Brother. But, before all that goes down is here to give you a rundown on everything that has happened on the series these last few weeks.

From Big Brother twists, to accusations of game playing, Celebrity Big Brother 2024 had it all and if you're looking to refresh your memory before the final tonight, we've got you covered.

Read on for your latest recap on all things Celebrity Big Brother, from episode 1 to 16.

What happened on Celebrity Big Brother last night? Episode 16 recap

Emotions ran high in the Celebrity Big Brother house last night as the housemates' friends and family arrived.

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The housemates were gathered on the sofas and Big Brother said: "This is Big Brother. Housemates, your time in the Celebrity Big Brother house has nearly come to an end.

"The past three weeks have seen you jockey for position in horse racing, enforce law and order at Big Brother's police department, have your day in court and face a fairytale ending."

Big Brother then added: "But now it's time for you to receive the ultimate reward. Big Brother will call one housemate at a time to make their way to the rendezvous."

Each and every housemate went to the rendezvous point one by one and were greeted by a loved one, but for Bradley Riches, things weren't as they seemed.

As revealed in episode 15, a backdoor eviction was set to take place, with the housemate with the least votes to win the show to be sent home and thus, time was up for Bradley.

He was met by AJ Odudu, who explained he was the seventh housemate to be evicted, before having one final embrace with the Celebrity Big Brother 2024 finalists.

Elsewhere in the episode, David Potts opened up to Fern Britton about growing up.

David said: "I left school when I was 16 and then that summer holidays as soon as I'd finished high school that's when I came out and told everyone."

Fern responded: "Brilliant, tell me about that moment!"

David continued: "I went home sat my mum down, told her and she was like it's fine, I know, she was like don't worry about it like it's okay.

"I could just hear my dad walking up the stairs and I remember I was sat in my bedroom on my bed and I was so scared. He was like 'Are you alright?' And I was like 'Yeah are you?' and he was like 'Oh your mum's just told me what you had a discussion with her about earlier', and he went, 'You don't need to worry, it's not gonna change a single thing', and then he gave me a hug."

What happened on Celebrity Big Brother last night? Episode 15 recap

The mood in the house was rather mixed on the run-up to last night's double eviction. Louis Walsh told Big Brother that he thought Fern should go.

"I think her time is up here," he said, before adding. "She's a nice lady. Bit boring. Time to go for her."

Shortly after, David Potts was tasked with a secret mission; starting an argument in the house. Unbeknownst to him, however, the rest of the housemates were also given a secret mission; resisting David's attempts at stirring the pot. They did so promptly, before it was revealed the secret mission was fake.

They weren't laughing, however, when they were offered the chance to win quite the prize before dinner; a Chinese takeaway. Big Brother's Big Balls saw the housemates split into two groups. The team who popped the most balloons would get to enjoy a veritable feast.

Unfortunately, Fern Britton sustained an injury after colliding with none other than Nikita Kuzmin. The pair recently had a bizarre clash, but seemed to have buried the hatchet. In the wake of Fern's injury, Nikita stopped playing the game and escorted Fern to the medics over in the Diary Room.

"I just lost my balance, went backwards and banged by head on the back of that seat thing," Fern explained.

Meanwhile, Nikita felt guilty and didn't want to continue playing. "How did I even hurt anybody man... f**k my life. This stupid game," he said. His team still won, however, earning David, Louis and Colson the prize.

In among all the drama, Louis managed a few name drops, including stories about U2 and Colin Farrell.

Another eviction had been teased for last night's episode, but it ended up not taking place. In a rather confusing move, AJ Odudu announced in spin-off show Late & Live that the eviction had gone ahead, and that viewers would have to wait until tonight's episode to find out which celebrity had gone.

So, who will it be? We don't have long to find out.

What happened on Celebrity Big Brother last night? Episode 14 recap

The time came for another double eviction on Celebrity Big Brother last night as the public had been voting to save their favourite housemates once again.

But before the live eviction began, viewers were given a look at what the housemates had been up to the day before and it was a day in court for the celebrities.

In the task, the housemates were summoned to court as some of them were to stand trial for their behaviour. Marisha Wallace was accused of game playing, David Potts was accused of noise pollution, and Bradley Riches was accused of cowardice.

The rest of the housemates assumed the roles of the defence and prosecution. Heading to the courtroom, Big Brother said: "This is Lord Chief Justice Big Brother. Every court needs a powerful and impartial judge. Someone who makes firm decisions and won’t apologise for them."

As the task begun, Big Brother said: "Please rise for The Right Honourable Judge Simon." The housemates applauded as former housemate Lauren Simon made her entrance.

One by one, Marisha, David and Bradley stood trial as housemates heard both the defence and prosecution's case before they made their closing argument. But it was Judge Simon who had the final say.

Elsewhere in the episode, things got awkward between Fern Britton and Nikita Kuzmin and viewers still don't understand what went on.

Fern poured Nikita a drink and said: "You and I get on alright when we're playing games. Can I tell you? How old are you now?"

As Nikita told her he was 26, Fern said: "When you're 66, you'll have exactly the same brain which is why you have to understand that I’ve still got a 26 year old brain.

"You shouldn’t be confused. You never change your brain. Everything is hilarious – all bum jokes, all c**k jokes. Everything is still as it is when you're 66."

Nikita was left perplexed and said: "Are we having a beef? What's happening?"

Fern then explained: "When you said to me the other day, you were very sweet. 'I like your stripy top, stripes are in fashion Fern.' Bless you, you were passing me a compliment but also saying 'actually they're in fashion', as if it was a surprise to me. It wasn't a surprise."

The housemates and viewers alike were unclear about what the real issue was, with Nikita eventually apologising if he caused offence to Fern.

The double eviction loomed towards the end of the episode and hosts AJ Odudu and Will Best went live to the Big Brother house.

As per the results of the public vote, time was up for Marisha Wallace and Zeze Millz!

What happened on Celebrity Big Brother last night? Episode 13 recap

The housemates celebrated St Patrick's Day last night on Celebrity Big Brother and the housemates all took part in a day of celebrations.

The house had been transformed with green tinsel, multicoloured balloons and orange and white bunting to mark the occasion. But the excitement didn't stop there, Big Brother supplied green tutus, waistcoats and top hats galore so the housemates could look the part.

Later that day, Big Brother called for one of the housemates to go to the Diary Room and it was Fern who went to see what they wanted.

As she entered the Diary Room, Fern found a pot of gold on the chair with a red toy snake on top.

She was told: "Fern, you've just found a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. That means you've been granted one wish, the biggest wish of all.

"You must choose one housemate to be evicted. St Patrick famously banished the snakes from Ireland, and now by finding the pot of gold, you have been selected to banish a housemate."

To select the housemate she wanted to evict, Fern was told she had to secretly place the red snake on their pillow and she chose Louis Walsh's pillow.

Afterwards, Louis was the first housemate to be called to nominate but before he was able to do so, he was told that he had been chosen by a fellow housemate to be evicted. But in a twist, Louis found a four leaf clover which meant he would not be evicted, and instead had won immunity from the next round of nominations.

This means Louis is the first Celebrity Big Brother 2024 finalist!

Elsewhere in the episode, the housemates had to nominate once more, and Colson believed Marisha to be playing a game.

"There's been a couple of questionable things in the house in the past couple of days," Colson said as he nominated Marisha.

He continued: "Firstly at the kissing booth, her reasons for nominating Ekin-Su, came across in a bit of a game playing way. Yesterday as part of the shopping task we had the courage element, I felt like I wanted to go forward and say 'me' and Marisha sat there in silence. It just made me feel like there might be, I don't know… an agenda, a game."

The nominations were revealed, which meant Fern, Marisha and Zeze are now facing eviction in tonight's episode, along with Nikita, who volunteered to take on the killer nomination.

What happened on Celebrity Big Brother last night? Episode 12 recap

The Big Brother house was transformed into a twisted fairytale kingdom in which the housemates had to follow strict rules and conquer all the quests in order to win a luxury shopping budget.

The housemates had to order themselves from "good" to "evil". Louis was positioned as the most evil Housemate followed by Zeze and as such they were allowed to take reign over the kingdom and spent the day ruling from the tower upstairs, along with plenty of arguments.

Later on, Louis and Zeze had to choose who they believed to be the three most "brainless" housemates. Louis and Zeze chose Nikita, David and Bradley and they headed to Wicked Big Brother's tea party.

Big Brother asked each of the housemates a question and the answer matched an evil meal on the table. The housemates had to answer their question correctly and finish the meal on their plate.

The questions largely surrounding the celebrities' nominations, and it was revealed to Fern that Nikita had voted for her on all three occasions – something that came as a shock.

Fern attempted to talk to Nikita but he didn't look at her and hardy answered any of her questions, leaving fans confused about their tension.

Towards the end of the episode, evil step-Big Brother gathered the housemates at the toadstools and said: "Subjects, between yourselves you must now decide which one of you must bravely face the next public vote by receiving a killer nomination."

Due to being the "rulers" of the kingdom, Louis and Zeze were unable to put their names forward.

After some back and forth, Nikita put himself forward and was given the killer nomination, meaning he will automatically face the next eviction.

What happened on Celebrity Big Brother last night? Episode 11 recap

After the events of the face-to-face nominations, things were still sour in the house but eventually Marisha and Ekin-Su made peace with one another.

In the kitchen, Marisha said to Ekin-Su: "How are you feeling now?" Ekin-Su replied: "Do me one favour – just let it go."

Marisha said: "I'm going to let it go. But please can I just tell you that I'm sorry though."

Ekin-Su said: "I've accepted it, it’s fine. I appreciate you being remorseful about it. And I just needed a bit of space. But I’m good now. We're good now."

Elsewhere in the episode, the housemates produced their own podcasts. Up first was David and Bradley and they discussed dating, relationships and everything in between.

Bradley asked: "If you could go back to your younger self and say something, what would you say regarding relationship advice or anything?"

David replied: "I'd say you’re going to go through a bit of a s*** time at school. I definitely held back who I was as a person especially in school with the bullying and being gay. I was scared, I was a kid. I was scared to be who I truly was."

Up next was Colson, Nikita, Levi and Louis in Boomers vs Boomers, followed by Ekin-Su, Fern, Marisha and Zeze.

A double live eviction loomed during Friday night's episode, meaning two of the five nominated housemates were all at risk of being evicted from the Big Brother house.

In the end, hosts AJ Odudu and Will Best announced that Ekin-Su and Levi Roots were the two housemates evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house.

What happened on Celebrity Big Brother last night? Episode 10 recap

Things went from wholesome to sour very quickly on Celebrity Big Brother last night, and that was down to the first face-to-face nominations of the series taking place!

The housemates were treated to a funfair themed day in the garden, in which Marisha Wallace was told she had been nominated for an Olivier Award! It seemed like a lovely day, right? Well, that soon changed when Big Brother assembled the housemates and told them they had to nominate two housemates face-to-face.

While majority of the votes went to Louis Walsh down to his “laziness”, a number of votes went to Ekin-Su.

Fern Britton nominated the reality TV star, admitting she doesn’t "get" Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu.

“I don’t get you, you don’t get me,” Britton began.

“I sometimes feel like you’re wearing a mask. You absorb other people’s personalities so easily. You say that I haven’t asked you any questions but when I have, I don’t find the answers that enlightening. I feel like I don’t know the real you, and that has disappointed and disturbed me.”

The housemates then had to give a kiss on the cheek to the housemate they had nominated and it was Marisha who got a frosty reception when she nominated Ekin-Su.

When giving her reasons for nominating the former Love Island winner, Marisha said: “Only because I know if I get to the final, I can't beat you. I know that if you get to the final with me, you will win the public vote.

“I know if we go to head-to-head, you have a huge following; you've played these games before, you know how to win – and if I want to win this, if I ever have a chance, I wouldn't have a chance against you. I know that for sure.”

While it seemed like a valid reason, Ekin-Su was less than impress and refused to speak to Marisha for most of the hours that followed, before telling her she’ll struggle to forgive her.

After all the nominations were said and done, it was revealed Ekin-Su, David Potts, Fern Britton, Levi Roots and Louis Walsh would all be facing the public vote.

Tonight’s eviction (Friday 15th March) will see two housemates evicted and it’s down to the public to decide who stays!

What happened on Celebrity Big Brother last night? Episode 9 recap

Viewers got to watch the hours leading up to Lauren Simon and Sharon Osbourne’s exits.

Nikita Kuzmin, Bradley Riches and Colson Smith reflected on their time with the former X Factor judge, with Bradley saying: "She said last night she was giving me her number!" to which Colson added: "She says when we get out we have to text her so that she has our number and then she’ll get in touch with us, so I think I’m just going to text and say 'Hi Sharon, it’s Colson,' and just never have a text back."

The housemates were then seen enjoying a farewell tea party in the lounge.

Levi Roots told Sharon: "You’re royalty", and Fern Britton added: "You’ve navigated a life that has been full of excitement and also tribulations and you’ve always emerged tremendously gracious and very well loved."

Following Lauren's eviction, it was finally time for Sharon to leave the house.

She exited to a round of applause with the housemates shouting: “We love you Sharon!”

Before she left, she revealed that Kuzmin and Dragons’ Den star Roots had made the “most lasting impact” on her and deserved to make it to the final. Will her predictions prove correct? Only time will tell.

What happened on Celebrity Big Brother last night? Episode 8 recap

It was time for another eviction on Celebrity Big Brother last night!

Lauren Simon, Louis Walsh and Fern Britton all faced the public vote, and it was the end of Lauren’s time in the Big Brother house.

“I'm feeling overwhelmed. I've had the most amazing time,” Lauren told hosts AJ Odudu and Will Best.

When speaking to the hosts about her time on the show, she said she was "relaxed and relieved" to be out of the house.

She wasn’t the only housemate to leave, as Sharon Osbourne checked out of her status as celebrity lodger.

Due to her role, Sharon was only ever meant to be in the house for a week.

As she left, she noted that Nikita Kuzmin and Levi Roots had made the biggest impression on her.

"He's beautiful inside and outside," she said of Nikita.

Speaking about Levi, Sharon said: "He's got something, I told you, I'm looking for. He's at peace for the world. He only wants good things, he is really just a genuine guy."

She was met with a hug from her daughter Kelly.

Outside of the live show, viewers were shown what the celebrities had been getting up to, including a chat between Sharon and Louis about their careers.

Sharon and Louis were called to the Diary Room to chat to Big Brother and were asked who the best people they’ve worked with in the past are.

Louis said: “Westlife never let me down, they’re still working, they're always great.”

Looking at Sharon, he said to her: “Ozzy Osbourne?” As she agreed: “Ozzy of course, Jeff Lynne, brilliant. Oh, Lemmy! Loved, loved Lemmy”

Louis also said: “Girls Aloud did great songs, Nadine is a great singer.”

What happened on Celebrity Big Brother last night? Episode 7 recap

It was time for nominations again last night on Celebrity Big Brother but ahead of the brutal moment, Big Brother called Sharon Osbourne to the Diary Room.

"As you've already seen, being my Celebrity Lodger comes with great responsibility so you will play an important role in what happens today," she was told.

Big Brother added: "Big Brother is allowing you to watch all the housemates nominations from the privacy of your bedroom. You are not permitted to tell the other housemates about watching nominations or anything about this conversation."

Big Brother then gathered the celebrities to the sofas as it was time to nominate, while Sharon went to her bedroom and prepared herself to watch each housemate cast their nominations.

Later on, it was revealed that Lauren Simon, Louis Walsh and Zeze Millz received the most nominations and could face the public vote, but there was a twist.

Big Brother addressed the house: "Today, Sharon was told that being my Celebrity Lodger came with great responsibility and would play a very important role in what happens today.

"To help her with that responsibility, Big Brother has allowed Sharon to watch all nominations. Sharon, will you please stand up? Big Brother is granting you the power to save one housemate from the public vote."

Sharon chose to save Zeze, noting that the presenter reminded her of someone. She instead chose to put Fern Britton up for nomination, admitting she felt the public would save her and Louis.

What happened on Celebrity Big Brother last night? Episode 6 recap

Following Gary's eviction from the Celebrity Big Brother house, Lauren Simon was comforted by her fellow housemates after being saved by the public.

"You're still here," Louis Walsh told the reality star. "See? The people like you, you did something right."

Lauren agreed with Louis' sentiment and said: "I wasn't ready to go yet! You know what he said, he said, 'I've done what I wanted to do here and if I go, I've done enough and I didn't feel ready to go'."

The housemates took on a shopping task last night, in which they had to become crime-fighting cops. As the housemates woke up, they were surprised to find the living room turned into 'Big Brother's Police Department' as they had to take on the role of crime-fighting cops tasked with solving a murder.

"This is my forte, I am police. I live it, I breathe it, I'm a method actor," Coronation Street's Colson Smith told the house.

During the task, the housemates were informed that Lauren would be the strict, no nonsense captain of Big Brother's Police Department, with Marisha Wallace as her deputy.

But unbeknownst to them, David Potts was tasked with a secret mission to become a bad cop and is told by Big Brother he must "sabotage, misdirect and corrupt the crime-fighting efforts of your fellow officers".

The reality star secretly chose Zeze Millz to help him on his mission. The corrupt cops won their sabotaged task and the housemates voted Bradley Riches and Fern Britton, meaning the house won a luxury shopping budget due to David and Zeze's success.

What happened on Celebrity Big Brother last night? Episode 5 recap

Gary Goldsmith smiling in a suit with his hands in his pockets. He is in front of an enlarged Big Brother eye
Gary Goldsmith. ITV

It was another dramatic episode of Celebrity Big Brother, which saw the first eviction of this revival series.

Things kicked off on an emotional note as the house was transformed into a so-called Celestial Retreat, with Levi Roots being named the "guiding eye" of the group.

Bradley Riches was asked by Louis Walsh to share a regret with the group and the Heartstopper star had a moving response.

"Growing up, finding out who I was, trying to understand who I was," he explained. "But a lot of that time I lied about who I was and it hurt a lot.

"Just shying away from the real fact that I’m gay, I’m autistic and proud of who I am. That’s taken a long time for me to say that. That’s my biggest regret, I wish I never did that to myself."

Later, Walsh and Lauren Simon were transported to the Celebrity Wheelie Bin of Shame for a rule break, having discussed their nominations and speculated on those of other housemates.

She said: "I’m sorry for putting you all in this situation. I was talking about my emotions and how I was feeling about being nominated.

"In fairness, I’m living with a group of people who I have grown to love and adore and it’s upset me that a few different people, not just one person, has nominated me. I’m sorry for getting everyone in this situation and I apologise."

They'll need to write a letter of apology in order to get out of the bin.

Later, Zeze Millz protested against Lauren's characterisation of their relationship, denying that she 'hated' her and disapproving of the use of such a strong word.

They appeared to reach a point of reconciliation.

The episode ended with the first eviction of the season, with the public vote choosing to eliminate Gary Goldsmith – the uncle of Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales.

Who will be next to leave the house?

What happened on Celebrity Big Brother last night? Episode 4 recap

There was a tense atmosphere in the bedroom during last night's episode, especially when the topic of Love Island came up.

As Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu and Zeze Millz were getting ready, the former said: "This is not like Love Island."

Zeze replied: "I would never do Love Island, but if you are in a hot country it is kinda like a free holiday, do you know what I mean?"

As the pair went back and forth, Zeze acknowledged that viewers may not have seen everything that played out, to which Ekin-Su said: 'It's a reality show filmed 24/7 honey, you only see 40 minutes of it."

"That's what I just said, that's why I said we didn't get to see all of it," Zeze replied.

Elsewhere, Sharon Osbourne, Louis Walsh and Gary Goldsmith all had a conversation about name-droppers and Sharon had some home truths to say about other celebrities in the public eye.

Speaking about James Corden, Sharon said: "When he got to America, he played the LA fame really well, you know, turned up at everything."

Later that day, it was time for the celebrities to nominate their fellow housemates. Due to Gary receiving Sharon's killer nomination, the other celebrities were unable to vote for him.

Lauren Simon received six nominations, Zeze received five and David Potts and Ekin-Su were nominated three times. Fern Britton, Levi Roots and Louis were all nominated twice and Bradley Riches received one nomination.

This meant Lauren Simon and Gary Goldsmith were both up for eviction and would be facing the dreaded public vote.

What happened on Celebrity Big Brother last night? Episode 3 recap

It was another dramatic episode of Celebrity Big Brother last night, as Sharon Osbourne nominated a housemate for eviction.

During the episode, Louis Walsh remembered his time on The X Factor, revealing he "didn’t always get along with Cheryl".

In a conversation with Fern Britton, Catherine, Princess of Wales’s uncle Gary Goldsmith said Prince Harry should be stripped of his royal title.

Fern told Gary: "William must be furious that he has the weight of the world on his shoulders when he could have shared it."

Gary agreed, before saying of Harry and Meghan: "I genuinely think they should take the titles away."

Gary then went on to share his political views, declaring Donald Trump makes "the world a safer place".

The businessman added that he is a "Tory at heart" and believed Boris Johnson "was doing a pretty good job in a very difficult circumstance" in Downing Street.

Fern then appeared to take a swipe at Phillip Schofield on the programme after Gary said he thought the host, who quit This Morning in May 2023 after admitting to lying about an affair with a younger colleague, might be a late entrant in the house.

"I might have to leave at that point," she replied.

When asked about her true feelings on This Morning, Fern continued: "Genuinely, I haven’t been there for 15 years – I got off the train and it’s way over the horizon now, so I honestly don’t know.

"I can’t say anything. It was tricky at times. I think Ben [Shephard] and Cat [Deeley] are going to do a great job."

After selecting her three least favourite housemates on Wednesday - Gary Goldsmith, David Potts and Zeze Millz - Sharon then picked who she wanted to put up for elimination.

In the end, she chose Kate Middleton’s uncle, Goldsmith, explaining: "I don’t think he’s that comfortable here – I think he’s awkward with himself being here, too. It’s very tough for him – I think he’s brave to have come in here.

"I somehow don’t think this is the place for him. He’s just the oddball out from everyone that’s in here."

What happened on Celebrity Big Brother last night? Episode 2 recap

It was another juicy episode of Celebrity Big Brother last night, as three housemates found out they were at risk of the first public vote.

As seen in the previous night's Late & Live episode, viewers found out Gary Goldsmith, Zeze Millz and David Potts were at risk – and the fallout from that was seen last night.

The celebrities seem to have taken it all on the chin and continued to get to know one another as they embarked on their first night in the Big Brother house.

During the episode, Gary spoke with Louis Walsh and Sharon Osbourne about his relationship with the royals, admitting that it was "difficult to get hold of Kate [Middleton] at the best of times".

"She's got children and I love the fact that she's putting family first," he told the former X Factor judges.

Elsewhere, Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu and Fern Britton had a heart to heart about her time on Love Island and being in the public eye.

"I went in there and thought I'd leave in two weeks 'cause I was just myself," she explained. "It was a lonely place in there and I found love on the show, which was great at the time...

"People look up to me as this confident person, but I feel like there's this vulnerably side that I hide that I don't show to the public. It's usually that side where I'll do an appearance and I'll go home and cry."

Viewers will get to see the outcome of Louis and Sharon's judging skills in tonight's episode.

What happened on Celebrity Big Brother last night? Episode 1 recap

Celebrity Big Brother returned after six years off air, with AJ Odudu and Will Best at the helm of the series once again.

As the pair began hosting the live launch, Sharon Osbourne was welcomed into the house as a celebrity lodger. Once "the original reality star" entered the Big Brother house, she was told that she would have to secretly nominate three housemates for eviction.

Following swiftly behind was Louis Walsh and after a sweet reunion, Big Brother revealed the pair would have to decide together which housemates would be facing the public vote.

It was time for the next set of housemates to enter the house, with Louis and Sharon sent to a secret room to watch everyone as they entered.

The celebrities that followed were Nikita Kuzmin, Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu, Colson Smith and Gary Goldsmith, with the latter being Kate Middleton's uncle.

Marisha Wallace, David Potts, Levi Roots and Zeze Millz all followed before the final three celebrities entered the house. Lauren Simon, Bradley Riches and Fern Britton completed the house, but they were all soon in for a surprise.

Meanwhile in their secret lair, Louis and Sharon was watching every housemate before deciding to put Gary, Zeze and David at risk of facing the public vote.

"David has come to show off," Sharon said of her decision to nominate the Ibiza Weekender star. "He was trying too hard to be outrageous. 'I'm trying to be fun and outrageous. Look at me!'"

As the famous housemates began getting to know one another, Big Brother revealed they had been "judged" by two unseen celebrities as Louis and Sharon made their way into the house.

Read more:

In an exclusive first look Celebrity Big Brother: Late & Live, it was revealed three chosen contestants could be up for eviction on Friday 8th March, but there was yet another twist.

In tonight's episode, the housemates will get to plead their case as to why they deserve to stay in the house, with Sharon given the choice to judge their pleas and the housemate who fails will face eviction.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on ITV1, ITVX, STV and STV Player.

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