Sarah Parish on Atlantis series two: “it’s definitely more violent”

Series one ended with the revelation that Pasiphae was Jason's mother – but what does the BBC1 show's return have in store for Ariadne's wicked stepmother?

Atlantis returns for a second series this Saturday, but expect a change of pace when Jason, Pythagoras and Hercules hurtle their way back onto our screens. While the locations and characters will remain much the same, the new episodes will adopt a darker tone to befit the show’s later timeslot of 8:30pm.


“It’s a very different series this year from last year,” confirms Sarah Parish, who plays Pasiphae, evil stepmother to Ariadne and now queen of the mythical Atlantis. “It’s much darker and much more exciting – it’s got an older feel.” 

So, should we be readying a place behind the sofa to hide? “It’s definitely more violent this year – it’s got a much more violent edge to it. We didn’t quite know who we were playing to last year. When you start these things you’re not sure what time it’s going to be put on. Now that we know 8:30pm is our slot and know it’s not going to change, we can afford to ramp things up a little bit.” 

Fear not: Jason and co aren’t going to start behaving like the Starks or Lannisters any time soon.

“It’s not Game of Thrones! It’s still a family show but it has a lot more edge-of-your-seat moments and a little bit more violence. You can stomach it – it’s not horrible. It’s not like a horror movie.” 

Speaking of horror, what scheme has Parish’s deliciously cunning Pasiphae cooked up this series? “An awful lot of secrets come out and an awful lot of damage is done. She just gets worse and worse. I didn’t think she could get any more evil but she certainly does. Her quest for power becomes out of control so it was a lot of fun to film her.”

Atlantis begins this Saturday at 8:30pm on BBC1


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