Series 9 - Episode 4 Quisps



“I want you to be like a Greek god. How do you feel about taking your top off?” For Alex Horne, propositions like this are par for the course on Taskmaster, and this particular gem comes courtesy of David Baddiel. 

Although there’s no legitimate reason for David to get in on the action, he also loses his T-shirt in what is described by Greg Davies as “a water-based Brokeback Mountain”. It is, inexplicably, not the only time David gets de-clothed in this episode.

There’s also one of the most triumphant sights Greg has seen, a fiendish two-part task and Ed Gamble on all fours dressed as a donkey – which again, is perfectly normal in this brilliantly bonkers world.


David Baddiel shows a readiness to bare his chest and Katy Wix robs a piggy bank. Meanwhile, Alex is powerless in the face of Ed Gamble's creative vision.