Where is the Taskmaster house? You can actually visit the filming location

Everything you need to know about the Channel 4 house of fun.

greg davies taskmaster

It’s time for a new series of  Taskmaster!


The 11th series comes to Channel 4 this month, and will see the likes of Ghosts star Charlotte Ritchie, comedian Lee Mack, stand-up comedian Jamali Maddix, Frayed actress Sarah Kendall, and Man Down’s Mike Wozniak take on some of the craziest challenges of their life.

Of course, hosts Greg Davies and Alex Horne will be back to host the Taskmaster cast, as they return to the famous house where most of madness takes place.

So, where exactly is it located?

Here’s everything you need to know about the Taskmaster house just in time for series 11.

Where is Taskmaster filmed?

The Taskmaster house is filmed on the grounds and indoors of a property in Chiswick. Specifically, you can find the three-bedroom bungalow at Chiswick Bridge, Great Chertsey Rd, London W4 3U.

The property was previously listed for rent for £4,117 per calendar month.

As previously revealed by RadioTimes.com in a handy list of Taskmaster facts, the house is a former groundskeepers’ cottage inside a golf course.

Channel 4

Interestingly, during filming, the Taskmaster crew actually live inside the Taskmaster house.

“We move in and live here for the period of filming,” director Andy Devonshire told us. “After series one I think they had some people come in and stay over the summer, but we de-Taskmaster it when we go away so it is very different.

He added: “There’s a different theme inspired by a specific artist every series so there’s obviously things that stay the same but we redecorate within the boundaries of that. When we leave it’s quite minimalist.”

Luckily, the vast majority of challenges at the Taskmaster house this year were filmed before the coronavirus pandemic lockdown. However, the live studio segments – shot at Pinewood Studios – were filmed without an audience due to social distancing measures.

Speaking to RadioTimes.com recently about the new set-up, Greg Davies said: “Immediately, it just became a slightly different way of focussing your energies and, for me personally, I liked that it was more intimate.

“And we were really drilling into their responses in more detail because there wasn’t any part of your brain that was on entertaining the 200 people in the studio, so I rather liked it.”


Taskmaster series 11 starts on Channel 4 on Thursday, 18th March at 9pm. The Taskmaster Christmas special airs on New Year’s Day. While you’re waiting, visit our TV Guide to see what’s on tonight.