The Dong And The Gong

Series 3 - Episode 2 The Dong And The Gong



The panel of comedians are beginning to gel nicely now: the creativity needed to complete the show’s oddball parlour games brings out some high-class silliness. Comedy moments tumble past: there’s the sight of Al Murray, largely (in every sense) naked hitting a massive gong. There’s Rob Beckett attacking balloons with a pair of corkscrews. And there’s Paul Chowdhry debuting his new , admittedly quite sinister, children’s character “Brown Clown”. As host Greg Davies observes, “It’s a bit like watching the evolution of humankind, this show.”


Greg Davies sets tasks to Dave Gorman, Al Murray, Rob Beckett, Sara Pascoe and Paul Chowdhry, including a challenge involving a cement-filled shoebox.