On Wednesday 4th October, Samsung announced the brand-new Samsung Galaxy Buds FE would be coming to an ear near you this week. The Galaxy Buds FE, equipped with Samsung's sound experience and powerful bass, let you enjoy music the way the artist intended, whether you're rocking out to Paramore's All I Wanted, or leaning-into an emotional journey home with a track by Hozier or Bon Iver.


Samsung users will love how effortlessly the brand-new Galaxy Buds FE connect to your devices, from your smartphone and smartwatch to your tablet and PC. Simply open the Galaxy Buds FE case and tap to connect, then you're able to pair and sync with whichever device you'd like.

On top of the seamless pairing and fantastic audio quality, the Galaxy Buds FE sport a new design. The tagline on the Samsung website reads: "Let the beat drop, not your Buds. New wingtip design makes sure your sound fits just right."

With a new, more secure design, the Galaxy Buds FE will keep snugly in place while you go about your everyday life — training for a 5K? Jogging to make the last train? Or doing some serious head-banging to Rage Against the Machine? You can rest assured the Galaxy Buds FE will stay tightly in place.

Speaking about the brand-new Galaxy Buds FE, James Kitto, Vice President and Head of MX Division at Samsung Electronics, said: "We are committed to ensuring everyone has access to the latest Samsung innovations and the very best in mobile and audio experiences.

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"The new FE range takes the Galaxy ecosystem to the next level by ensuring customers can tap into their creativity and productivity with smooth performance, iconic designs, and seamless connectivity."

Let's find out more about these wireless earphones.

Buy Galaxy Buds FE for £99 at Samsung

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Samsung Galaxy Buds FE UK release date

The Samsung Galaxy Buds FE are available to buy right now, having been released on Tuesday 10th October.

Buy Galaxy Buds FE for £99 at Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Buds FE UK price: How much do the new wireless earbuds cost?

Samsung Galaxy FE Buds UK release date other devices
The new Galaxy FE range from Samsung. Samsung

Unlike the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 and the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro, the new Samsung Galaxy Buds FE will be priced at under £100, with the RRP of £99. As we know, the Samsung FE range is the technology company's answer to mid-range devices, and are, therefore, more affordable.

For £99, you can pick up the Galaxy Buds FE in either Graphite or White colourways.

Buy Galaxy Buds FE for £99 at Samsung

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Samsung Galaxy Buds FE design: What do the new wireless earbuds look like?

Samsung Galaxy Buds FE UK release date and design
Galaxy Buds FE via Samsung Samsung

As we mentioned earlier, one of the most exciting new elements for the Samsung Galaxy Buds FE is the new wingtip design which offers a more secure fit.

The wireless earphones were inspired by the ergonomic design which runs through the new FE series; the earbuds are created to be more comfortable when worn for a long period of time, and feel more secure, too.

To ensure the new Galaxy Buds FE fit you perfectly, you can choose between three different sizes of ear tips and two different sizes for wingtips.

Although the Galaxy Buds FE may look super stylish — did we mention the wireless earbuds come in two versatile colourways, Graphite and White, to compliment any outfit? — what good is that if they don't perform well? The Galaxy Buds FE have clearly defined areas for tapping and gripping, to pause audio and change the volume, too.

Let's take a look at even more Samsung Galaxy Buds FE features.

Buy Galaxy Buds FE for £99 at Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Buds FE features

Samsung Galaxy Buds FE UK release date features
Samsung Galaxy Buds FE via Samsung. Samsung

What do you use your wireless earbuds for? Is it to listen to the new Olivia Rodrigo album? To catch-up on the latest episode of a podcast you love? Or maybe it's to pick up where you left off in an immersive audiobook?

Whatever you like to listen to, it's important the sound quality is top-notch, and outside distractions, such as dogs barking and the Victoria Line being its ever-noisy self, don't hinder your listening experience.

Samsung Galaxy Buds FE noise cancelling capability

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) minimises distracting sounds in your environment, and Ambient Sound enables you to hear the deep and powerful sound coming from your wireless earbuds. Plus, automatic personalised beamforming of the three microphone system in the earbuds along with AI-powered Deep Neural Network separates your voice from the background noise to create clearer phone calls.

Samsung Galaxy Buds FE pairing

The brand-new Galaxy Buds FE effortlessly pair to whichever device you're using, plus, with Auto Switch, the wireless earbuds automatically connect to whatever device you're on.

For example, you can use the Galaxy Buds FE while gaming on your Galaxy Tab S9 FE, the earbuds can switch to answer a call on your phone, then connect back to your game without missing a moment. Impressive, right?

You can also sync the Galaxy Buds FE with your Samsung TV when you turn on Smart View — this will take the theatrical experience to a whole new level.

Samsung Galaxy Buds FE battery life

Just when you think the Galaxy Buds FE can't get any better, they're not only the most affordable Galaxy Buds, but they have the longest battery life in the Buds series, too.

The Galaxy Buds FE provide up to eight and a half hours of playback, and a total up to 30 hours including the charging case. When using ANC, listeners can get up to six hours of playback, and a total up to 21 hours including the charging case.

Buy Galaxy Buds FE for £99 at Samsung

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Where to buy the new Samsung Galaxy Buds FE in the UK

The Galaxy Buds FE are available to buy from the Samsung site right now, and you can also purchase them from other UK retailers, too. Let's check them out:


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