Samsung has proposed a new form of health and wellness tracking today, with the Samsung Galaxy Ring.


First teased back in January 2024, this new wearable was finally released today at the Samsung Unpacked event, alongside a slew of new gadgets, including the latest foldable phones the Z Flip 6 and Z Fold 6.

Marrying jewellery with high-end technology, the Samsung Galaxy Ring has been described as a "wellness simplifier" which can monitor your health vitals such as heart rate, sleep quality and body temperature.

The device can also be synced up with your Android phone to produce a personalised health profile, as well as take photos from afar and even dismiss alarms.

According to Samsung, the key benefit of the Ring is you can "set and forget" i.e. you won't even notice the device on your finger. Compared to a smartwatch, which we often take on and off, the Ring is comfortable and wearable overnight.

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Samsung Galaxy Ring on someone's thumb
Samsung Galaxy Ring.

Last week, the team attended a hands-on event with the new Galaxy Ring and got the lowdown on what it does, how it works and why you should want it.

Below, you'll find a complete guide to the Ring, including when it's available to buy in the UK and for how much. Let's dive in.

Pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Ring for £399

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Samsung Galaxy Ring UK release date: when does the smart ring come out?

The Samsung Galaxy Ring is available for pre-order from Wednesday 10th July and will go on sale from Wednesday 24th July.

Pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Ring for £399

How much will the Samsung Galaxy Ring cost in the UK?

Prior to its release, rumours were flying that the Ring would cost "more than a PS5" and, sadly, they were true.

The Samsung Galaxy Ring starts at £399 (£10 more than your standard PlayStation).

Pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Ring for £399

Samsung Galaxy Ring design

Samsung Galaxy Rings

The Samsung Galaxy Ring is available in three colours, or "premium finishes": Titanium Black, Titanium Silver and Titanium Gold.

It's light and slim, with the intention being you won't notice it sitting on your finger. Plus, to sell the jewellery effect, it also comes in a charging case resembling a ring box.

It comes in nine sizes and, if you're not sure what size you need you can always purchase the free sizing kit.

What is the Samsung Galaxy Ring used for?

The Samsung Galaxy Ring is essentially a sleek, stylish alternative to the smartwatch.

If you're someone who's health conscious and likes to track your activity, but you don't consider yourself to be a fitness fanatic – or maybe you just prefer a regular analogue watch – then this could be the gadget for you.

The more you wear the Samsung Galaxy Ring, the more it can create an accurate profile of your health by tracking heart rate, sleep quality, skin temperature and more. It can then use this to create AI generated tips for how to improve and maintain your health.

Samsung Galaxy Ring features: what can the new smart ring do?

Samsung Galaxy Ring in box

Like smartwatches, the Samsung Galaxy Ring can track and monitor your sleep, heart rate, and temperature, as well as your stress levels, fertility and period cycle. As with all Samsung devices, the Ring is synced up to your Samsung or Android smartphone so you can find the results of the tracking and your personalised health profile on the Samsung Health App.

Aside from health and wellness, the Ring can also be used to take photos from a distance. Simply position your phone and tap the ring twice, and voila – no more panicking over setting the right timer! This double-tap can also dismiss alarms so just be careful you don't sleep in.

The Galaxy Ring boasts a seven-day battery and is water resistant for up to 100m, plus it has a built-in Find My Ring feature, so you'll have a hard time losing it.

Pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Ring for £399

Samsung Galaxy Ring vs Oura Ring: what are the key differences?

Samsung Galaxy Ring

Despite often being at the forefront of the tech world, Samsung were not the first company to produce a smart ring.

The Oura Ring first came out in 2015 and is now on its third generation. Much like Samsung, the wearable is designed to track your health and provide personalised advice for wellness.

The Oura tracks 20 biometrics day and night including sleep score, breathing and activity. It can sync up with an app on both Android and iOS phones, however it can't perform those additional functions like alarm dismissal and photo taking.

The Samsung and Oura both come in black, silver and gold although the Oura also has a Stealth colour, which is a dark grey. And both are light and easy to wear.

The main point of difference comes in price, as the Oura starts at £299 – a whole £100 less than Samsung. However, this lower-priced model has a levelled top, which is noticeably less sleek than the Samsung's smooth, round design. Plus, at the end of the day, the extra cost of the Samsung Ring is understandable, considering it forms a part of the brand's ever-expanding eco-system, so if connectivity and the name of the brand is important to you, then you're probably willing to pay out the extra cash.

Buy the Oura Ring (3rd Generation) from £299 at Oura

Pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Ring for £399

How to buy the Samsung Galaxy Ring in the UK

The Samsung Galaxy Ring is available for pre-order now and will be available to buy outright from 24th July.

You can pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Ring at a number of UK retailers including:

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