British technology company Nothing has stepped out onto the scene and once again proved that smartphones don't have to (and frankly shouldn't) take up a person's entire monthly salary to afford.


Their latest contribution to the affordable mobile market is the Nothing CMF Phone 1, now available to order in the UK.

Following the same example as the Nothing Phone (1) and (2), this new phone marries good quality camera, excellent battery life and a sleek design with a great price.

The phone has come out as part of the company's new CMF 'sub-brand' based in London, which first emerged in September 2023 with the aim to bring accessibility and a leading user-experience together in one.

Alongside the CMF Phone 1, Nothing has announced the CMF Buds Pro 2 and CMF Watch Pro 2, also now available to pre-order.

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In the press release for the three new devices, Carl Pei, CEO of Nothing said: "CMF Phone 1, CMF Watch Pro 2, and CMF Buds Pro 2 showcase Nothing's unique approach to integrating creativity, practicality, and personalisation through design.

"These products further mark our commitment to injecting fun into a boring industry, and I'm very excited to see the market feedback."

So, what exactly does Nothing get you? Well, it's quite something. Here's everything you need to know.

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Nothing CMF Phone 1 UK release date: when is the new phone coming out?

Four Nothing phones - black, red, green, blue
Nothing phones. Nothing Technology ltd.

The new Nothing CMF Phone 1 is available to buy outright from Friday 12th July or you can wait until Saturday 13th July to buy it in person and the Nothing Store Soho.

This also applies to the new CMF Buds Pro 2 and CMF Watch Pro 2 which are also available for pre-order.

Get Nothing CMF Phone 1 from £209 £179.99 at Nothing

Nothing CMF Phone 1 UK price: how much does the new phone cost?

The Nothing CMF Phone 1 starts at £209 for the 128GB model and £239 for the 256GB model.

However, if you buy the phone now, you can get the 128GB version for just £179.99 – saving you £29.01.

You can also pick up accessories like cases, stands and lanyards from £19, plus the CMF Buds Pro 2 and CMF Watch Pro 2 from £59 and £69 respectively.

Get Nothing CMF Phone 1 from £209 £179.99 at Nothing

Nothing CMF Phone 1 design: what does the new phone look like?

A Nothing phone with swappable backs - one red one black
Nothing phones. Nothing Technology ltd.

The Nothing CMF Phone 1 has a 6.67-inch Super AMOLED display, making it larger than the standard iPhone and Samsung phones currently on the market. It also has an ultra-smooth 120 Hz adaptive refresh rate and 2,000 nits of brightness – in short, it's bright, smooth and will look good.

The phone comes in four bold colourways: orange, black, blue and light green. But, what makes the phone's design truly unique, is that you can detach and swap the back of the phone to a different colour. It's super easy to do and the additional backs cost just £29 each, meaning you could buy the 256GB phone and all three additional cases for cost of one iPhone 11.

For those who like to treat their phone like a multi-purpose tool, there are also extra accessories like stands, card holders and lanyards to buy, all £19 each.

Nothing CMF Phone 1 specs and features: what does the new phone do?

Ok, get ready for the gory, geeky tech details: The Nothing CMF Phone 1 has a cutting-edge MediaTek Dimensity 7300 5G processor which guarantees efficient and reliable power. It features an absolutely huge 5000 mAh battery, giving you up to two days between charges and combines 16 GB of RAM with a RAM Booster which makes it great for multi-tasking.

Then when it comes to the camera this phone really starts to shine. The rear camera is a Sony 50 MP with a dedicated portrait sensor and additional effects. At the front, it has a 16MP selfie camera, plus both have Ultra XDR and AI Vivid Mode to get you those picture perfect shots.

Nothing CMF Phone 1 vs Nothing Phone (2a): What's the difference?

In a nutshell, the Nothing CMF Phone 1 is more affordable and therefore less tricked out than the Nothing Phone (2a).

The CMF Phone 1 costs £209 compared to the (2a)'s £349, which is justified by lower specifications like a 16MP front camera vs 32 MP, 16GB RAM vs 20GB RAM and a slightly less advanced processors and cooling chambers.

However, the battery life is the same, lasting up to two days, and both have a rear camera of 50MP, although the (2a) has an Ultra-wide and Main camera compared to the CMF's one. The (2a) also has a TrueLens engine to improve picture quality with features like Ultra XDR and Portrait Optimiser.

Lastly, the (2a) also has bespoke AI-operated functions like Chat GPT widgets and voice control, which you wouldn't find on a lower-priced phone.

So ultimately, if you're after function and nothing else, you might as well go with the CMF Phone 1, but if you like all the extra bits and pieces that make a phone feel smart, go with the (2a). At the end of the day they're both far more affordable than other gadgets on the market.

Get Nothing (2a) for £349 at Nothing

How to pre-order the Nothing CMF Phone 1 in the UK

The Nothing CMF Phone 1 is now available to buy at Right now, the cost starts at just £179.99, although it will go up to £209.99 from the 12th.

As we've said, you can also now pre-order the new Nothing CMF Buds Pro 2 for £59 and the Nothing CMF Watch Pro 2 for £69. These will also go on general sale from Friday 12th July.


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