Samsung's ever-growing range of QLED TVs offers some of the best value viewing experiences you can find right now. We've been searching high and low to bring you the best offers and deals on Samsung televisions this month.


Samsung has TV options to suit every need, want and budget. But of all of Samsung's line-ups, it's the QLED one that has earnt the most accolades in recent years.

Not to be confused with OLED tech, QLED is Samsung's homegrown – and more affordable – option. While still making use of LED backlights, Samsung's QLED TVs introduce a layer of quantum dots (QDs) to improve the quality of the picture, so you get a much wider colour range, better contrast levels, and blacker blacks. In comparison to OLED televisions, which usually start at around £1,200, QLEDs are a little bit more affordable – and you'll regularly find them on sale, too.

For a full walkthrough on the tech, be sure to read our what is QLED TV article, and you can read more about the main differences between the two ranges in our what is an OLED TV explainer.

In 2023, you'll also find that other big TV brands, like Hisense, have incorporated QLED technology into their televisions after seeing its popularity with buyers.

If you're unsure if you want a QLED TV, there's always our guide on the best smart TV to help you figure out your options. We also recommend you consider LG's NanoCell line, which is similar in price and quality. To make your decision-making process a whole lot easier, we've also put together an in-depth LG or Samsung TV explainer.

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Best Samsung QLED TV deals in September 2023

43 to 50-inch QLED TV deals


TVs that are between 43 to 50 inches are often the best choices for cosier spaces as they prevent the room from looking too crowded. Plus, they come in at a lower price point, too, and with these savings, they're even cheaper than usual.

55-inch QLED TV deals

2021 Neo QLED

For a slightly bigger space, it's worth checking out the 55-inch TVs. There are some great discounts at Samsung and Currys, too.

65 to 75-inch QLED TV deals


We've found a couple of solid offers online for QLED TVs at the super-size end of the spectrum.

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85-inch QLED TV deals

samsung 85 inch qled tv

For those of you who have a big space to fill — and believe us, we're jealous of every single one of you who do! — you may want to consider an 85-inch TV. These Samsung QLED televisions are at the top end of the size spectrum, and although typically pricey, we've managed to find you a brilliant offer.

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How to find the best Samsung QLED TV deals

  • Note down key periods in the sales calendar: New Year, Easter Weekend and Black Friday. It’s during these sales that we always see the sharpest price drops and biggest deals on TVs.
  • Subscribe to newsletters that stores regularly send out; that way, you’ll be up to speed with any brand sales or special offers.
  • Keep in mind that many retailers, like John Lewis, AO, and Currys, work with a price-match policy. So if you see a television that’s cheaper elsewhere, but no longer available, make sure you hold them to it.
  • Amazon often has some of the best TV price drops but it’s not always easy to see how good the deal is. CamelCamelCamel is an online tool that tracks the prices of products on Amazon – use this to get a better sense of the price history of any TV that's on sale.

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