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Best earbuds deals in August 2021

Here’s our pick of the best deals and discounts on earbuds from Apple, Huawei, Beats and Sennheiser.

Best earbuds deals

Light, compact and – if they’re any good – comfortable to wear, earbuds are an increasingly popular alternative to over-ear headphones. Dyed-in-the-wool audiophiles may still prefer old-school headphones, but a good-quality set of earbuds can more than hold their own in terms of sound quality, ease of use and value for money. That’s why more and more people are favouring earbuds over their bulky, cumbersome over-ear equivalents.


Many pairs of earbuds also come with handy features like noise-cancellation and EQ customisation options. Most of them are water-resistant to some degree, making them perfectly suited for running and the gym. Some will even offer a sound profile that’s uniquely created for you.

Like many tech products, there’s a great breadth of price when it comes to earbuds – you can expect to pay anywhere between £25 and £500 on options from industry-leading brands like Apple, Samsung, Huawei, JBL, Jabra, Skullcandy and Sennheiser. As you can find out from our best budget wireless earbuds, you can pick up some fabulous options for as little as £30, although if you spend closer to £100, you’ll find that the over quality increases dramatically. For our pick of the best earbuds – which the RadioTimes.com experts have all tested and reviewed – you can head to our best wireless earbuds article.

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The best earbuds deals this August 

Here’s our pick of the best price drops on earbuds you’ll find right now. We’re particularly happy to see the 42% price drop on the Moss-coloured Powerbeats Pro – you can read our Powerbeats Pro review to find out more about what we thought of them. Similarly, you can read our Huawei Freebuds 4i review to find out more about a set of earbuds that are currently 25% cheaper than usual at Currys PC World. 

All the earbuds included in this list have been tried and tested by our experts. Head to our Tech Reviews section to see what we think of the latest models from Beats, Huawei, Jabra and more.

How to find an earbuds deal

How to find an earbuds deal

We’ve put together this list of tips, not only to help you search for the best earbuds deal but for tech products in general.

  • While you’ll always find a handful of earbuds on sale at any one time, the best times to go searching for a bargain include Easter Weekend, Amazon Prime Day (for Prime subscribers), Black Friday and the New Year. These are all key sales periods when we routinely see the biggest price drops.
  • When you see a product’s sale price listed against its RRP, you might think you’re getting the deal of the century. But retailers have a habit of listing RRPs that are a few years old and over-inflate the actual price drops. For Amazon deals, we suggest you head over to CamelCamelCamel, which tracks product prices and will give you a better sense of context.
  • Both John Lewis and Currys PC World offer a price-match policy: if you see a product that’s cheaper elsewhere, they guarantee they’ll match it. This is something worth bearing in mind if you see earbuds that are cheaper elsewhere but no longer in stock.
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