Music lover rejoice! Amazon Music Unlimited is currently offering a three-month free trial for listeners in the UK.

For most of us, music is an essential part of our day-to-day lives, setting the mood from when we wake up in the morning to helping us wind down at the end of the day. But times are tough right now and many of us are keeping a closer eye on our outgoings and are hunting around for the best deals out there.

This deal on Amazon Music Unlimited is a great opportunity to make the most of the brand's premium streaming service for free, for three months in the UK.

Amazon Music Unlimited might seem slightly confusing, and that's because Amazon has made some changes to what it calls its different streaming services. Now, there's the baseline service Amazon Music Free, Amazon Music Prime which — you guessed it — is open to Prime members, and Amazon Music Unlimited, the premium service which is what this deal applies to.

Amazon Music Free would be your other option for a no-cost music service from Amazon other than this free trial. It doesn't require you to have a Prime account and gives you access to songs as well as podcasts and curated playlists. It does, however, have ads. When you compare this to Amazon Music Unlimited, the free trial is a bit of a no-brainer.

On your three months of free Amazon Music Unlimited, you'll get access to ad-free music where you can pick, shuffle and play songs and playlists as much as you like. You'll also get unlimited song skips, as well as the ability to use the service offline.

Once the Amazon Music Unlimited free trial is over you'll be automatically charged £10.99, which drops to £8.99 for Prime members. This free trial is only available to those who haven't had an Amazon Music account before.

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Read on for all you need to know to get a UK free trial for Amazon Music Unlimited, plus get to know what music services are available to Prime members.

Get three months of Amazon Music Unlimited for free

How to get three months Amazon Music Unlimited for free

You can now get three months of Amazon Music Unlimited for free. The first step is that you'll need to be a new subscriber to the service to take advantage of the free trial — unfortunately, it isn't available to those who've previously subscribed.

You'll need to either sign in with an Amazon account or make a new account with bank details. After the end of the three months, you will automatically be charged £10.99 per month. Make the most of this deal by signing up before Friday 28th April.

Get three months of Amazon Music Unlimited for free

Is Amazon Music Unlimited free as a Prime member?

Unfortunately, Amazon Music Unlimited isn't free to Amazon Prime members. Prime members can make use of this free trial if they are new to Amazon Music, after which they'll get a discounted monthly price of £8.99, down from £10.99, which means over the period of a year you would save £18.

There are free listening options for Prime members. Amazon Music Prime is an option for members, which has slightly different features from Amazon Music Unlimited.

Amazon Music Prime does allow you to listen to ad-free music to your heart's content, plus you can also listen to playlists and can shuffle albums and tracks. Whereas Amazon Prime Unlimited is the premium option for Amazon Music, with options to listen to music on-demand, as well as listen offline, have an unlimited number of song skips, and listen in HD or with spatial audio.

Get three months of Amazon Music Unlimited for free

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