The Starfield Trade Authority will prove a useful ally to you and your crew throughout your intergalactic adventures.


These shops, kiosks and merchant ships are vital destinations and knowing their location is of the utmost importance – if you want to sell your dodgy items and purchase some rare materials, that is.

Before you run off like a headless chicken trying to find a Trade Authority location to shift some of your more… illegal items for quick credits, we're here to let you know where they all are.

Read on to find out where the known Starfield Trade Authority locations are and to see what you can do at these seedy storefronts.

Where is the Starfield Trade Authority location?

There are several Trade Authorities to find and use in Starfield, scattered across the game’s massive map. You’ll find Trade Authority kiosks, merchant ships and full-on shops in your time exploring the game’s planets and systems.

You should find a Trade Authority kiosk or shop on most major planets, and it is the shops you want to look out for – they have more credits and stock to hand than the tiny kiosks.

The Trade Authority merchant ships, meanwhile, appear randomly in orbit around different planets, offering you a chance to speak to their vendors without the need for a pesky contraband scan.

With all of that in mind, here is where to find Starfield Trade Authority locations:

Trade Authority shops

  • Akila | Down the alley in-between the Hitching Post and GalBank
  • Cydonia | To the right of the end of the ramp within the mining colony
  • Neon | Right in front of the lift/elevator that takes you out of the Spaceport and into Neon (after you use the lift, that is)
  • New Atlantis | In the Well district underneath the main city (use the elevator/lift to go down to that level and head left once you exit). You should find the the Trade Authority next to Apex Electronics
  • The Den | You’ll find The Den in the Wolf System (in-between Narion, Sol, and Alpha Centauri). A small Trade Authority shop can be spotted shortly after enering The Den. The Den itself is orbiting the planet Chthonia
  • The Key | The Trade Authority on The Key (in the Kryx System) can be easily spotted but you’ll need to join the Crimson Fleet to be given access to the location

Trade Authority kiosks

  • Akila | At the entrance of the Ship Services building somewhat close by to where you land your ship
  • Cydonia | Outside the Ship Services station nearby the Cydonia mining colony station entrance
  • Neon | Within the Ship Services location just to the left of where you land your ship
  • New Atlantis | Right next to where you land your ship
  • The Den | Should be next to the Ship Services Tech

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What can you do at the Starfield Trade Authority?

At the Starfield Trade Authority locations you can sell your stolen items and contraband. They are the only vendors which will buy your contraband items.

As stated above, you can find Trade Authority shops, kiosks and merchant ships. The shops tend to carry the most credits, so are the best locations to head to if you want to make the most money quickly.

It does appear as though the Trade Authority shop in Neon is the best of the bunch, so that's worth taking into consideration, although all locations should take your stolen and contraband goods.

Now, get out there and start selling your contraband items before you get caught carrying them!

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