Starfield console commands offer the chance to change up the experience in a variety of ways. Some good. Some bad. Some downright weird.


Whatever you want to get out of Starfield cheats, we'll be explaining how to use them right here.

Launched in September 2023, Starfield is available across Xbox Series X/S and PC, with over six million players jumping into the space RPG so far. That's a huge number, considering that the game hasn't been on the market for that long.

One of the many fun elements of Starfield, and Bethesda games in general, is the cheats. Being able to upgrade your arsenal or gain instant access to the best ships in the galaxy, instead of grinding for dozens of hours, is naturally very tempting.

Even taking into account the best Starfield tips and tricks, it does take some time.

That's why we've put together a handy guide on how to use Stafield console commands, including how to disable achievements so you can enjoy the game without it disputing your 100 per cent completion. Head below for more:

How to use Starfield console commands

A Starfield player in their spaceship, shooting another spaceship
Starfield space combat. Bethesda

To use the console in Starfield you need to press the ` (grave) or ~ (tilde) key on a UK and US keyboard respectively. These keys are both found underneath the escape key.

This will pause the game. Before you can use it, a prompt will appear warning you that using console commands will disable achievements. To get rid of this, press ~ again and then press E to confirm. This appears the first time you open the console in a session and won’t come up again for the rest of it. Your save file will have a symbol next to it to denote that the game has been altered in some way.

If you want to use console commands and still earn achievements, check out the best Starfield mods to find out how.

Full list of Starfield console commands & cheats

Starfield key art, with a man in a space suit overlooking a rocky planet
Key art for Starfield. Bethesda

Below you can find some of the best Starfield console commands at your disposal. Some of them require Item IDs, but not all of these have been discovered yet - so expect to see this list grow and expand as we peel back the layers.

More like this
  • tgm – Toggles godmode
  • tim – Toggles immortal mode (you will still take damage but it will ever reach zero)
  • psb – Unlocks all spells
  • tdetect – Toggle AI detection
  • tcai – Toggle Combat AI
  • tcl – Toggle Noclip
  • tm – Toggle UI elements on or off
  • tfc – Toggle freecam
  • player.additem (Item ID) (#) – Add items
  • player.additem 0000000f (#) – Give yourself credits e.g additems 0000000f 10000 would give you 10,000 credits
  • player.additem 0000000a(#) – Give yourself digipicks e.g additems 0000000a 20 would give you 20 digipicks
  • (Ref ID).amod (OMOD ID) – Attach weapon mods by mod ID
  • (Ref ID).rmod (OMOD ID) – Remove the attached weapon mod
  • killall – Kills all nearby NPCs
  • kah – Kill all nearby enemy NPCs
  • resurrect – Resurrects targeted NPC (you can select them in the console an type in resurrect after their ID)
  • unlock – Unlock doors and containers (select what you want to unlock in the console then type unlock)
  • sexchange – Change gender
  • showmenu OR sleepwaitmenu – Show Sleep or Wait Menu to let you pass the time anywhere
  • player.setlevel (Value) – Increase Character Level - Increases your character to the specified level.
  • player.placeatme (Item ID) (#) – Spawn an item or creature at your location
  • player.paycrimegold 0 0 (Faction ID) – Pay off all your bounties and wanted levels, letting you keep your stolen goods
  • showlooksmenu player 1 – Opens the character creator
  • player.removeperk (Perk ID) – Removes Skills, Traits, and Backgrounds from your character
  • player.addperk (Perk ID) – Add Skills, Traits, and Backgrounds to your character
  • player.setav speedmult (#) – Set your movement speed. 100 is the default
  • player.setav health (#) – Set your maximum health
  • landonplanet – Land on a planet
  • Takeofftospace – Instantly take off to space
  • Previewbodyresources – Preview a planets resources
  • addpower – Add power
  • removepower – Remove power

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