The world waited with bated breath for Bethesda’s next RPG epic - and, for a lot of us, they delivered.


To see just how well they’ve done, we’ll be taking a look at the Starfield sales numbers and how many people are playing and paying.

The numbers suggest that Xbox’s acquisition of Bethesda is really paying off. Sony has had oodles of hit exclusives in recent memory, with Microsoft not really having much on offer - but time will tell just how much of an impact Starfield will make.

Xbox Game Pass continues to do well, and PlayStation owners may feel compelled to pick up an Xbox Series X or S to get in on the action – especially if their PC isn’t up to snuff.

There are innumerable quests in Starfield that will no doubt keep the player count high for quite some time as the game is shaping up to be quite long.

What do we know about the Starfield sales numbers?

Sale numbers for Starfield are a little hard to pin down due to the game releasing in early access first, before becoming available in its standard edition on 6th September.

Many of these players will be on Xbox Game Pass, too, which won't count as traditional sales.

PlayTracker on X (formerly Twitter) reckons, based on their own data, that over 1 million players are playing the Premium Edition on both Steam and Xbox (and PC store) - putting Premium Edition sales well above 2 million copies.

Those stats are from 5th September, so not a bad start for a game that didn’t even have its full launch yet. The numbers are bound to be significantly higher now, and we’ll update you with the current stats when they become available.

How many people are playing Starfield?

Phil Spencer took to X (formerly Twitter), as well, to celebrate that there were over 1 million concurrent players on all platforms.

This went out at 4AM BST on 7th September, so this was mostly going to be comprised of players based in North, Central and South America, with a few European night owls and early risers further east.

If we take into consideration the stats offered by PlayTracker, the number of people playing Starfield post-launch will be in the many millions.

The 24-hour peak on SteamDB is at 269,177, so not quite the lofty heights of Baldur’s Gate 3 on Steam - but most players are probably playing Starfield via Xbox Game Pass.

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