The Harry Potter franchise is known for its music. The films, for example, are brought to life by the iconic soundtrack composed by legend John Williams. Few soundtracks are quite as hair raising, moving, and – aptly, here – magical.


And what about Hogwarts Legacy? As the game is finally getting its release on PS4 and Xbox One early next month, you might be wondering what the music is like. Has the new team made something completely new, or have they rehashed Williams's beloved fanfares from the films?

Thankfully, it's a whole new musical experience – with a few nods to John Williams.

We love it, and we're thankful that we can listen to the Hogwarts Legacy soundtrack any time. So who is the team behind the new music, and where can we listen to it outside of the game?

Who composed the Hogwarts Legacy soundtrack?

Chuck E Myers was the lead composer of the Hogwarts Legacy soundtrack, with composers Peter Murray and J Scott Rakozy also working on the music for the highly-anticipated game.

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Myers is a long-time collaborator with developer Avalanche Software, having previously composed music for toys-to-life sandbox Disney Infinity and Pixar adaptations Cars 3: Driven to Win and Toy Story 3: The Video Game.

Murray has previously composed for romcoms Quest for Love and Beauty and the Billionaire, while Rakozy has worked in the sound department for acclaimed horror Hereditary.

You can see them in the Making the Music for Hogwarts Legacy video below, in which they discuss bringing back heroic fanfares to video games and the influence of John Williams:

Can you buy the Hogwarts Legacy soundtrack?

Yes, you can buy the Hogwarts Legacy Soundtrack as an MP3 download on Amazon.

However, there is no news on a physical release just yet. Fans will have to make do with streaming or a digital purchase unless a CD is conjured up.

Hogwarts Legacy soundtrack: All songs confirmed

We now have a track listing of the songs featured in Hogwarts Legacy, including the main theme Overture to the Unwritten. All the songs on the Hogwarts Legacy soundtrack are:

  1. Overture to the Unwritten
  2. The House Cup
  3. Fig's Search
  4. A Proper Hogwarts Welcome
  5. Potting Mandrakes
  6. Seeking the Keepers
  7. Ranrok's Rage
  8. A Lost Friend
  9. Everybody Grab a Broom
  10. All Roads Lead to Hogsmeade
  11. Anticipating Rookwood
  12. Miriam's Memory
  13. Grasslands Vivarium
  14. A Fitting New Home
  15. Isidora's Pain
  16. See You After Class
  17. Hog's Head Jig
  18. Guardians Awaken
  19. Accio!
  20. Legacy of Magic
  21. Ruins of a Noted Seer
  22. A Portrait of Love
  23. The Greenhouse
  24. Ollivander's Wand Shop
  25. Coastal Vivarium
  26. The Four Houses
  27. You've Made Your Choice
  28. Soaring over Hogwarts
  29. Haven
  30. The Halls of Hogwarts
  31. The Room of Requirement
  32. Niamh's Lullaby
  33. Trespassers
  34. Tribute

How to listen to Hogwarts Legacy soundtrack

The entire soundtrack is available to stream now. You can see the official album on Spotify below:

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