Although it's been slightly overshadowed by the industry-disrupting news of Xbox acquiring Activision, Fortnite has undergone a facelift today, with the team from Epic Games rolling out a major update after a period of downtime.


Teasing the 19.10 update on the official Fortnite website, Epic Games stated: "Not only has a classic POI been unearthed on the Island, but a new legendary creature has appeared as well… "

Keep on reading if you want to know all about today's Fortnite update, the full patch notes and when the game came back online.

Fortnite downtime today: When did Fortnite come back online?

Fortnite downtime began at around 8:30am BST this morning, and the game was offline for quite some time (as you may have noticed).

The Fortnite downtime went on for about three hours, with Epic Games posting on Twitter at 11:39am GMT to confirm that the game was alive again.

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Fortnite update today: Full patch notes for 19.10

Epic Games has revealed the full patch notes for Fortnite 19.10, and today's update comes with some major changes.

The first change you're likely to spot is the addition of Klombos, large creatures that are "completely peaceful" unless provoked.

Players are invited to "Ascend their tails to get to the blowhole on their heads, then get launched a great distance upwards to escape a tricky situation. They’ve also been known to sneeze out items after snacking a bit!"

A new fruit known as Klomberries has also arrived on the island - you can use these to calm down an angry Klombo or lead it in a certain direction. You could also eat one yourself to receive a bump in Effective Health. And if you feed a Klombo, it may well give you an item in return.

Klombos arrive in the Fortnite update today.
Klombos arrive in the Fortnite update today. Epic Games

Today's update also sees the Tilted Towers point of interest return to the map, and the Grenade Launcher weapon has been un-vaulted as well.

Another change, albeit a small one, has been made to the Crowning Achievement emote - it can now track more than 99 Victory Crown wins, which was the previous cap.

A number of changes have been made to Fortnite creative, as well, including a new Prop Manipulator device, a new Icon Library and lots of other cool stuff.

You can read more about those changes on the Fortnite website, or check out some of our favourite Fortnite creative maps using the links below!

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