We continue to be amazed by some of the incredible creations that the talented gamers among us can put together in Minecraft, and that certainly applies to the best house ideas that some have created.


And credit to those who have built something truly magical from scratch with no blueprints to work from – you’re braver and smarter than us and we salute you.

For the rest of us, we need a guide to help us construct our block house, and there's no shame in getting a feel for it by starting with some of the easy Minecraft house ideas that are out there that require fewer items.

With that in mind, and for those of you looking for some inspiration for your Minecraft villager house ideas, here are ideas to get you started – and a couple of more complex house designs if you fancy a challenge.

The best Minecraft house ideas

5×5 Modern House

Tall, sleek, and the very definition of the word modern, this is a great design for a house that takes up a lot less space than most of the other houses you can build. If you are on the hunt for modern Minecraft house ideas, then this is definitely one to look at.

You’ll end up with three floors to play with, all of which can serve as any room you like, and the best bit of news here is that there is a handy how to build the 5x5 modern house video guide online for you to follow!

Two-Floor Wooden House

From the sleek and modern, to the relaxed vibes of a fancy cabin in the countryside. This double-story cabin is a really stylish build and one that will likely impress any other players lucky enough to be invited over.

There is a two-floor wooden house video guide to make this Minefield creation a lot easier, and we are pretty sure this is one of the cosiest abodes out there in the block-filled landscape.

Squid Game House

We may be a long way off from seeing what comes next in Squid Game season 2 on Netflix, but we can at least pay homage to the breakaway hit TV show in Minecraft.

The symbols on the building will be instantly recognisable to fans of the show, and we can see why this is one of the more popular builds of recent times as we’re about to clock off early to try and build it ourselves.

More like this

Smiley House

The smiley house is, of course, a build based on the emoji and truth be told, you will likely either love this one or you will be a little bit terrified of it – we are split down the middle here.

But it is certainly a fun and different build and one of the livelier ones out there – and it looks like it will be fun to create, too.

Underground House

The sounds of the underground were interesting enough for Girls Aloud to sing about, so that makes them interesting to hear from the comfort of your own virtual bedroom.

This house is almost completely below ground, and what you can see from above is worth the time spent building alone, even without the cool quirks that can be found inside. One of our favourites, this.

Large Spruce Mansion House

Let’s get really fancy with the Large Spruce Mansion House which, as you can see, is a truly gorgeous build that will be the envy of everyone – but that also means it can be a tricky one to put together.

It may take some time to build, but it will be worth every second to have this on display and you will have a lot of fun making it look exactly how you want it to.

Librarian Desert House

This is a fun one! A librarian truly lucked out with their job perks when they were given this fancy house to live in – we assume there is an easy commute to the library despite this being in a desert.

It’s another fairly complicated one, and you’ll need to have amassed a lot of items to have everything you need to put it together - but you’ll be looking back on a job very well done if you go for it.

Leatherworker Desert House

Sticking with the desert setting for another house, this time it’s where the leatherworker hangs their socks at the end of a long, hard day.

It’s a pretty simple build for a building that, while small, still looks quite impressive when matched with its desert backdrop. This is a good one to go for if you aren’t ready for the more grandiose ones yet.

Modern Mansion House

Sure, this house does look cool, despite being on the tiny side, but one would have to question the sanity of anybody that would choose to live there – staying the night would be a push for us.

Despite the risk of plummeting to your death every second you spend inside, it is a unique idea for a build and one that you can replicate by following the Modern Mansion House guide above.

Smallest Modern House

Sticking with the teeny tiny house theme, here is one that is closer in size to a portaloo than it is a home – but that does mean it’s one of the more easy Minecraft house ideas out there.

Item-wise, you, obviously, won’t need much in the way of supplies here so this is very much a quick and simple house to go for – while still being quite fun to look at.

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