Is Emmerdale’s Debbie pregnant by dead lover Joe?

Ms Dingle also looks set to find herself out on the streets

Debbie (Charley Webb) on Emmerdale

Life is set to get increasingly tumultuous for Debbie Dingle (Charley Webb) on Emmerdale when she finds out that she could be both homeless and pregnant. Already facing the prospect of a prison sentence, Debbie will be left further shaken when Priya serves her an eviction notice. But then comes Deb’s shock discovery that she might well be expecting the baby of her deceased lover Joe Tate!


In the run-up to the revelations, Debbie will be seen realising that it was Graham (Andrew Scarborough) who sent the recent text message from Joe’s phone that simply read ‘Sorry’. After Graham admits to having done this, Debbie vents her anger and lashes out. Sensing that his own part in Joe’s untimely demise could be exposed, a concerned Cain (Jeff Hordley) tries to steer Debbie away before giving Graham a covert warning that he needs to keep what really happened to Joe under wraps.

But Debbie’s fury will be fanned further when, the very next day, Priya (Fiona Wade) turns up acting on Graham’s orders and tells her that she’s going to be evicted. When he hears of this latest development, Cain decides to have it out with Graham, only to find him in a drunken state in the Woolpack. Fearing that the truth about their pact is about to be revealed, Cain drags him outside and orders him to sort himself out.

Priya evicts Debbie on Emmerdale

But next week’s events will take an unforeseen twist when Noah gets increasingly concerned about Graham’s behaviour and – in Joe’s absence – asks Debbie for help. Thinking that she might be able to get some answers as to what happened to her boyfriend, Debbie agrees. But will Graham up to her? And is Debbie set to compound his guilt by revealing that she might well be pregnant?

Cain confronts Graham on Emmerdale

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