Jennie McAlpine reveals how Coronation Street hid her ever-expanding baby bump

Ingenious methods were used to conceal the star’s pregnancy on set

Jennie McAlpine: I'm a Celebrity 2017

Coronation Street’s Jennie McAlpine has revealed the unusual ways in which show producers endeavoured to hide her ever-expanding baby bump during filming.


The 34-year-old, who plays Fiz Brown, is expecting her second child and is about to head off on maternity leave.

When ITV’s Lorraine asked McAlpine how the bump stayed hidden, the soap star said: “We started with perhaps a mug, and then we went onto a handbag. I kid you not, last week they hid it with a Ford Fiesta.”

Jennie McAlpine, Coronation Street (ITV, EH)
Jennie McAlpine clutching a handbag to conceal her pregnancy in Coronation Street

McAlpine, who appeared less than flattered that an actual car had been used to cover her stomach, continued: “Honestly, they said, ‘Can we just move that car a little bit back?’ I said, ‘Is that for my bump?’ They said, ‘Well yeah, we can see it a bit and it is going to help.’ I kid you not.”