Prue Leith reveals Channel 4’s strategy for preventing Bake Off spoilers in the new series

It didn't go down too well last year when Prue revealed the winner before the final episode...

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Prue Leith has revealed that the Great British Bake Off PR team will control her Twitter account for the duration of the show’s run when it returns later this year, after her spoiler gaffe ahead of last year’s final.


The GBBO judge sent a congratulatory message to last year’s winner, Sophie Faldo, on Twitter, hours before the grand finale was due to air. The tweet was quickly deleted, but not before it had been picked up by several Bake Off fans, who took screenshots and shared them around the internet, ensuring that the pre-recorded show was ruined for a large portion of its viewership.

Now, Leith says that her husband John Playfair has suggested that the show’s team take over her account to avoid any further mishaps.

“The Bake Off public relations team now control all my tweets,” Leith told the Daily Star. “My toyboy [her husband John is seven years her junior] asked them to carry on the arrangement for filming. It’s probably for the best.”

Leith said in interviews in the months following the incident that she had “felt suicidal” as a result. She had sent the tweet while away in Bhutan, very briefly mixing up the time difference.


The Great British Bake Off will return to Channel 4 later this year

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