Sharon Horgan on how Catastrophe will say “goodbye” to Carrie Fisher in series four

The series star and co-writer says it’s “a tricky thing to work out”

Sharon Horgan, Rob Delaney and Carrie Fisher in Catastrophe (Channel 4, HF)

Last year’s series of Catastrophe came under a bit of a shadow, following the death of occasional guest star Carrie Fisher just after she’d completed filming for the hit Channel 4 sitcom.


In the end, many thought Fisher’s nuanced performance was one of the show’s highlights and a fitting tribute to the Star Wars star – but now, as Sharon Horgan pens the next series with co-writer and co-star Rob Delaney (who plays the son of Fisher’s character Mia), she says the process of writing Mia out is proving quite difficult.

“It’s a tricky thing to work out – because obviously we want to deal with it, but also don’t want to make light of it,” Horgan told as part of a longer Q&A, also confirming separately that Catastrophe’s fourth series would reference Mia’s death.

“But at the same time we’re a comedy and we can’t help ourselves – not the making light of it thing, but trying to infuse it with comedy in amongst the drama of it.

“So, yeah, it took us a while to work it out. And I think in a way we’re still working it out.

“Series three felt like a really good goodbye to her, because it was such a great performance,” Horgan continued, “and we really got to know a lot more about the character.

“You know, in the bed scene with Rob, we really got to find out why she was who she was.

“So now, having done that, we sort of want to follow it up with just… that little bit more that gives you an insight into, not just the character but kind of a thank you and a goodbye to Carrie as well.”

“But yeah, we’re still working it out.”

Since her work in Catastrophe Fisher has also turned up in other projects posthumously, including Family Guy (where she voiced Peter Griffin’s boss Angela), an audiobook of her autobiography The Princess Diarist (which won her a Grammy) and Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which was released last Christmas and dedicated to the late actress.

The next untitled Star Wars episode, directed by JJ Abrams, also seems likely to pay tribute to Fisher’s character Leia, so expect even more emotional farewells to the iconic actress in the next few years.


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