Hollyoaks: Luke Morgan gets a shock next week – has he seen his rapist?

Gary Lucy has already confirmed the return of Mark Gibbs after 17 years


Hollyoaks’ Luke Morgan gets a huge shock next week, just when it looks as if him and childhood sweetheart Mandy Richardson are back on track. Has the past returned to haunt him?


Desperate to reconnect with his true love and make amends for getting daughter Ella taken into care as a result of neglect due to his alcoholism, Luke is delighted when Mandy allows him to accompany her to visit her little girl at her foster family’s home in Chester.

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Spending the day as the happy unit they once were, Mr Morgan is filled with renewed hope he can beat his booze demons, put the bad times to bed and work towards the three of them being reunited.

After saying goodbye to Ella, Luke and Mandy take a walk along the river and reminisce. It appears Mandy’s melting as she considers giving her ex another chance, but she’s concerned he’s still drinking – especially when a home breathalyser test comes up positive.

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But Luke is determined to prove her wrong and uses their time away from the village to convince her he’s cleaned up his act – until, out of nowhere, he freezes and storms off, disappearing until the next day…

Mandy and pal Darren Osborne panic Luke has fallen off the wagon, and anxiously await his return. So what – or who – has Luke seen to make him react this way?

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Gary Lucy confirmed in an exclusive interview with RadioTimes.com earlier this year that his character’s critically acclaimed male rape storyline would be revisited now he was back in the show for the first time in 15 years. Can we assume, then, that next week’s twist is tied into this?

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“The late night episodes we did around Luke’s rape in 2000 were called ‘Breaking Boundaries’, and that’s exactly what they did,” revealed the actor. “What viewers are going to see in the autumn is the next chapter of the story.

“Hopefully the people who watched it first time round will think we’ve done it justice, and those who didn’t see it will understand why Luke has been in such a dark place since returning to the show – it’s really important to know why he’s acting like this and why Mandy stuck with him.”

Lucy has since confirmed the return of Luke’s rapist Mark Gibbs, played by original actor Colin Parry, on social media. Hollyoaks are keeping tight-lipped about exactly why spooked Luke does a runner next week and if it’s connected to Mark’s reappearance, or if he does turn back to the bottle, but the episodes will prove a turning point for Luke and Mandy…


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