Did Amy on EastEnders tell Cora about Rainie and Jack’s affair?

Who let slip the vital information?


Max and Rainie will be left stunned on tonight’s EastEnders when they receive Cora’s statement from her solicitor which states that their marriage is a fake as she knows Rainie and Jack slept together. A furious Max senses Rainie’s guilt and decides to confront his brother, who admits that it’s true. Realising she has to face the music, Rainie tries to apologise to Max, but he’s adamant that she’s ruined their chances of getting custody of baby Abi.


EastEnders isn’t yet revealing how Cora managed to get hold of this incendiary bit of information, but viewers might perhaps want to cast their minds back to September, when Rainie and Jack slept together. In the episode after the pair did the dirty deed, Amy was seen with a tablet in her hand looking at footage she’d filmed of Jack and Rainie looking very cosy on the morning after the night before.

EastEnders - October - December 2018 - 5810

EastEnders fans were left wondering what Amy would do with the video, but there’s now the possibility that she’s passed the footage on to Cora, who has used it to strengthen her own case. Quite frankly, it beggars belief that Cora would even know what to do with a flash drive (she’d probably think it was some kind of fancy cigarette lighter). But what’s the betting that Amy is the key to Cora’s new-found knowledge?


Whatever the case, the increased tensions will have big repercussions for the Brannings when, after all hell breaks loose at the Queen Vic, Max makes a sharp exit with Abi, only for the police to arrive to take the baby, leaving him devastated. With his granddaughter now in the care of social services, has Max lost all chance securing Abi’s future? And will Cora be able to take further advantage of the situation?


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