Neighbours confirms evil nanny Alice is Andrea’s mum!

Fake Dee continues to mess with Toadie and Sonya’s lives


Neighbours has revealed the Rebecchis’ nasty nanny Alice Wells (Kerry Armstrong) is the secret mother of con artist Andrea Somers (Madeleine West), who posed as Toadie’s (Ryan Moloney) missing ex Dee Bliss and almost destroyed his marriage to Sonya (Eve Morey).


Alice has wormed her way in pretending she’s a modern-day Mary Poppins while hiding her twisted agenda to get rid of Sonya hoping to reunite Toadie, Andrea and their newborn son Hugo.

Next week her wicked plan starts to unravel but only to the audience, as on Tuesday 13 November the creepy child minder pretends to the Rebecchis she’s going to visit a family she used to work for, when actually she’s checking in with her accomplice and reassuring them her plot to drive the pair apart is taking shape – and she’s now sneakily poisoning Sonya with painkillers, unknowingly pushing the recovering addict off the wagon.

All becomes clear on Thursday 15 November when Toadie gets a call from the clinic where unwell Andrea is in recovery from a breakdown following the birth of their son, and goes to discuss her treatment.


How do we find out Alice is Andrea’s daughter?

Andrea appears on the mend, and she and Toadie discuss her estranged, volatile mother… while Alice’s identity is not blown to Toad, for now, when he returns to Erinsborough and recounts the visit, Alice panics and frantically texts Andrea warning her not to contact Toadie again – finally confirming to the audience Andrea is her daughter!

“Everything Alice does is for her grandchild, Hugo,” explains Kerry Armstrong, who plays the gruesome grandma. “She has an incredible love for him and no feelings for anybody else! She just wants to get his rightful parents back together – Andrea and Toadie. I see Alice as a Kris Jenner type, the manipulative mother hen working out how to get her family where they need to be so she can lie back on a sun lounger and get a martini…!”

“As for Sonya, there’s no personal vendetta against her, she is just in the way. Like overtaking a car in the fast lane she just sees Sonya as something to get beyond.”


Now the much-rumoured twist of Alice being connected to ‘Fake Dee’ Andrea is confirmed, Armstrong teases things are only going to get worse… “It just gets juicier!” she laughs. “Alice draws more people into her web of deceit, including Dipi. And I have some scenes coming up with Madeleine West who plays Andrea. She and I have known each other for years, she’s like a daughter in real life so to finally play her mother was a thrill.”

Where have you seen the actress who plays Alice before?

One of Australia’s most respected performers, known to international audiences for starring alongside Geoffrey Rush in the 2001 film Lantana and a spell in Hollywood during the 1980s in which she appeared in Dynasty and Murder She Wrote, Armstrong leapt at the offer of a Ramsay Street guest role.


“I’m always the innocent goodie-goodie so it’s brilliant to play a baddie for a change. Alice is an evil Mary Poppins, the evil witch giving Snow White the apple. Although at times I’ve had my head in my hands feeling awful for having to do these things to lovely Ryan Moloney and Eve Morey (Toadie and Sonya) who’ve become dear friends. They reassured me it wouldn’t be taken personally! The writing is some of the best I’ve ever known.

“But I really felt Alice had to be an extreme, heightened character – if you didn’t believe how horrible she is and that the threat to the Rebecchis is real, the whole storyline would fall through. Nothing bothers Alice, she will go as far as she can to get what she wants!”


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