Laurel dumps Bob after Emmerdale strip show disaster

Bob is given the push while in his boxers!

Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy) dumps Bob (Tony Audenshaw) on Emmerdale

An Emmerdale relationship hits the buffers in embarrassing style in next week’s episodes when Laurel ends it with Bob as he’s parading around in his boxer shorts! But how will Bob react when he’s dumped while semi-starkers?


The upcoming drama will see Laurel confide in dad Doug that she wants to end things with Bob, but he suggests giving things more time. Laurel then decides that she needs a few days away to think things over – after all, it was her secret trysts with Bob that put paid to his marriage to Brenda not so long ago.

Meanwhile, an unsuspecting Bob is thrilled to be back behind the Woolpack bar and suggests throwing a stripper’s night on Thursday. Bob is delighted when the event nearly sells out, but he’s soon sent into a panic when he gets a phone call from the strippers to say that they’re cancelling.

Bob’s efforts to get hold of a replacement act then come to nothing and he ends up with only himself, Jimmy, Rishi and Doug available to fill in. But as the night gets under way, Laurel arrives home and turns up at the pub to find Bob gyrating on stage.

Emmerdale: Bob (Tony Audenshaw) performs a strip show

Viewers can then expect events to take a sour turn when Bob tries to pull Laurel up on stage, only for her to end up pushing him over and announcing that they’re finished in front of everyone in attendance! So is this really it for the pair’s relationship? And can Bob find any way to recover his dignity after being on the receiving end of this very public shaming?


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