Hollyoaks: Rick Astley rolls in for cameo! Can he stop Kim leaving?

The pop star meets Kim at the bus stop. As you do…

Rick Astley

Hollyoaks has revealed Rick Astley’s cameo appearance will air next week, as the pop star pops up as Kim Butterfield prepares to leave the village believing girlfriend Farrah Maalik is cheating on her with gangster Grace Black.


Confused Kim thinks it’s all over with Farrah, suspicious of her surreptitious text messages to the blonde club owner. Despite Farrah insisting she’s in cahoots with Grace over the WAGs (Women Against Glenn) plan to murder Glenn Donovan, Kim is unconvinced and decides to leave the village.


While she’s at the bus stop, who should roll in but Rick Astley, the 1980s’ pop favourite who unwittingly saved Kim’s life – the troubled ex-nurse was trapped in a basement by killer Ryan Knight for months, with only a poster of Rick for company. It was talking to an image of the singer that kept her going, and now he’s turned up in her hour of need…

But with Kim’s history of fragile emotions, is everything really as it seems? Is this actually Rick or a figment of her imagination? It’s not out of the realms of possibility that Kim is hallucinating. Will Rick manage to talk sense into her and give her girlfriend another chance? Is Kim really gonna give Farrah up?


It’s possible this is tied in with Kim’s exit, as it was confirmed last week Daisy Wood-Davis is leaving after four years in the role, but the details of her departure are yet to be revealed. Maybe she’ll be head off with her idol?

Astley’s appearance follows a raft of fun celeb cameos in Hollyoaks, including Good Morning Britain stars Richard Arnold and Kate Garraway, comedian Alan Carr and – next month – Loose Women panellists Janet Street-Porter and Linda Robson.


Catch Rick waiting for a bus in Hollyoaks on Wednesday 17 October at 7pm on E4, and Thursday 18 October on C4.