Emmerdale: behind the scenes at Robert and Aaron’s wedding

RadioTimes.com took a trip to tonight's big soap nuptials


It’s the episode that #Robron fans around the country have been waiting for: the wedding of Robert Sugden and Aaron Dingle on Emmerdale. And RadioTimes.com were lucky enough to be invited on set as the beloved couple said their vows.


While we won’t give away all the details of the ceremony, we can promise you this: there are no arrests, no shootings and no one drops down dead.

Of course, there are touches of melancholy and sadness (how could there no be in the wake of Chas and Paddy tragically losing their baby earlier this week?). But, for the most part, viewers can expect that rare thing in soapland – an upbeat, happy celebration. As actor Ryan Hawley told us just as he was about to film his character’s on-screen nuptials:

“This episode will very much appeal to the Robron fans. It’s been written for them and I really hope that they enjoy it because it’s one of the very few occasions on the show where you get to see two people genuinely happy. It’s an episode where it’s just happiness – two people getting married and that’s it.”

Speaking about the decision to let Aaron have a moment of well-deserved joy, Danny Miller commented: “We always said, ‘Would it be boring if it was just a straightforward wedding with no drama?’ You kind of think maybe it would be, but realistically, they’ve been through so much that there’s not really a lot left. I think it’s nice to have a bit of happiness.”


The pairing of Robert and Aaron has been one of the most successful in Emmerdale’s history, having sparked a devoted following on social media. But what do the boys themselves feel is the secret to their chemistry and do they ever feel under pressure to please the very vocal fanbase?

“To a certain degree it’s not within our control. We can only do what’s written on the paper,” said Miller. “But I feel that they’re a genuine couple – they’re just best mates in a relationship and that’s what we play.”


Added Hawley: “The strongest relationship on screen is when it’s two people you can relate to, rather than an ideal romantic pairing. It’s more relatable when it’s two people with all their flaws, rather than a fantasy.”


You can see how events pan out for Aaron and Robert when Emmerdale airs their wedding on ITV tonight at 7.00pm.


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