Emmerdale: Leyla reveals more about her secret fiance – watch the new scene from Thursday’s episode

Tracy still reckons her rival is trying to get her claws into David…

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Emmerdale’s Leyla Harding has returned to the village after almost a year away and dropped a bombshell – she’s engaged. The character was temporarily written out in January to accommodate actress Roxy Shahid’s real-life maternity leave after a scandalous one-night stand with old flame David Metcalfe, but in tonight’s episode (Wednesday 3 October) she was reintroduced as David unexpectedly found her getting out of the shower at his house.


Her unannounced return was met with a mixed reception from the locals, with Tracy Metcalfe reminding her rival of how she broke her and David up and accusing her of returning to try and seduce him again. However, indignant Leyla insisted she’d moved on from Mr Metcalfe and revealed she was actually engaged – but who to?

In a scene from tomorrow ‘s episode (Thursday 4 October), Tracy brands Leyla a liar and claims she’s fabricated a fake fiance and that stealing David is still her ultimate goal – but Leyla insists the engagement is real, and it’s to a man called Clive. She doesn’t seem particularly convinced of her own story, so has Tracy hit the nail on the head? Is Leyla lying about her upcoming wedding as a smoke screen for wanting David back?

Seeing him loved up with Maya Stepney might have forced her to rethink her plan and invented ‘Clive’ to save face. Or is the mysterious Clive set to make an appearance? And will Leyla’s next wedding be as disastrous as her aborted nuptials to Pete Barton last year?


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