Emmerdale: see Charity come face to face with her dad Obadiah – watch the full scene (Spoilers)

How will the reunion go?

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An emotional Charity tries to move on from her traumatic past in this week’s Emmerdale when she tracks down her dad Obadiah. Before the pair come face to face, the emotionally scarred Ms Dingle goes off the rails completely when she lashes out at her nearest and dearest, steals the keys to Zak’s van and runs over the Monty the dog’s paw.


Worse is to come, though, when Charity gets drunk and wakes up hungover in a field, only to then get herself arrested when she punches a local farmer. In the wake of all this drama, an emotional Charity will admit to the Dingles that she desperately wants answers about what happened in her youth – an admission that leads to Zak letting slip that he knows where her father Obadiah is…

“The outcome of the trial has not taken away the pain of what Bails did to Charity,” revealed Emma Atkins, who plays the troubled landlady. “She’s not happy or relieved, she just feels numb and angry. She reverts back to the old Charity – drinking too much, full of self-pity, she’s a loose canon and everyone’s quite concerned.”

And how does the showdown with Obadiah go? “Charity wants answers about her past, and is nervous but determined to get them. She thinks she knows what she’s going to get by visiting her dad,” added Atkins. But does Charity really know what she’s letting herself in for?


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