EastEnders: first kiss for Keanu and Sharon as affair hots up – here’s what happens next

"The coupling is set to be quite scandalous," says a show insider

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It was all getting a bit steamy in the Arches on tonight’s EastEnders with the climax to a fraught day seeing Keanu Taylor leaning in to give Sharon Mitchell a kiss on the cheek. Having already caught a glimpse of a shirtless Keanu in scenes shown earlier this week, Sharon has now been left getting hot and bothered again after bonding further with the caring mechanic. So is she now set to stray from husband Phil and begin a full-blown affair with Keanu?


In the run-up to tonight’s cliffhanger, Sharon and Keanu were seen coming to the rescue of young Dennis, who was about to be snatched by a local gang. With Dennis being forced into the back of a car, Keanu jumped in to save him, while a crowbar-wielding Sharon vented her fury at the merciless thugs. But in the aftermath of the attack, Sharon was left angered by Dennis’s ungrateful attitude and sent him home.

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Back at the Arches, Keanu comforted Sharon, who was fretting that her mistakes as a mother had turned Dennis into a bad kid. Placing his hand upon hers, Keanu then told Sharon that both Phil and Dennis were lucky to have her before leaning in for a kiss. Fans wanting to know where the goes next need look no further than quotes from a show insider who recently told Inside Soap:

“By the end of the next couple of months, Sharon and Keanu won’t be able to keep their hands off each other! Keanu must be a brave man, as Phil isn’t someone you want to mess with. The coupling is set to be quite scandalous – after all, not only is Sharon a married woman, but she’s a good two decades older than Keanu.

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“It wasn’t all that long ago that Sharon was lecturing best mate Michelle about her affair with a younger lad, so poor Sharon will be forced to eat her words if news of this affair gets out on the Square.”


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