Emmerdale: Rebecca is ALIVE and being held hostage by Lachlan!

Her fate is finally revealed - but can she escape her killer nephew's clutches?


Emmerdale has finally revealed Rebecca White’s whereabouts following her mysterious disappearance last week, as shocked fans learnt she is alive and being held captive in a secret location by serial killer nephew Lachlan White.


Tonight’s double bill of drama (Thursday 26 July) saw the plot thicken as Robert Sugden discovered Bex’s passport was still in her room, meaning the mother of his baby son Seb couldn’t be in Ibiza as a text to Lachlan claimed.

Frantically calling the police in case the single mum’s brain injury had led her into danger, PC Swirling’s chat with worried Robert was interrupted by a phone call from the lady herself, who was heard explaining she’d had to get away for much-needed headspace and was staying with a friend in Wales – apologising for causing concern, she also stated she didn’t know when she’d be back.

We then cut to menacing Lachlan esconced in a dingy cabin holding a phone playing a recording of Rebecca’s explanation into her mobile – before the big reveal of Bex, bound, gagged and chained to the wall. Lucky was certainly celebrating his 18th birthday in an unusual way…


It transpired Lachlan had been keeping his anxious auntie hostage in the cabin since she stumbled upon his attempt on the lives of Liv Flaherty and Robert Sugden by trying to gas them to death in their own home. Threatening stunned Bex, the next thing the audience saw was loopy Lucky furtively holding a bloodied spanner and his relative’s mobile phone…

For over a week, speculation has been rife about Rebecca’s fate, as Lachlan spun a story to the locals she’d gone to stay with a friend in Ibiza. Had he killed her, like he did his mum Chrissie, granddad Lawrence and best mate Gerry Roberts? And potentially con man Terry too?


In chilling scenes tonight, psychopath Lachlan remained eerily calm as Rebecca begged to see her son, the promise of a visit from Seb being the reason she agreed to recording the fake message to Robert. But with the locals seemingly convinced of her location, no one will be looking for her – so how long does Lachlan plan to hide her away, and what is his ultimate plan?


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