Emmerdale: Priya to be Lachlan’s next victim after witnessing murder attempt?

She's now firmly in the frame to be revealed as the serial killer's stalker


Emmerdale avoided another murderous notch being racked up for serial killer Lachlan White after he couldn’t bring himself to go through with bludgeoning businessman Freddy to death with a rock – but did Priya Sharma see his attempted attack before fleeing the scene, potentially putting her in danger?


Fans had been teased loopy Lucky was set to claim another victim tonight (Friday 22 June) after his romance with Belle Dingle was jeopardised as she decided to take suave investor Freddy up on his offer of a job in London.

Lachlan followed Freddy to a car park and sneaked up behind him brandishing a big stone – just when it looked like he was going to finish him off he got a call from Belle, apologising for their earlier disagreement about her future and pleading to salvage their relationship.

Brought to his senses by Belle’s heartfelt declaration of how much she loves him, Lachlan put the rock down and Freddy was none the wiser of the evil adolescent’s intentions, not even realising he had followed him.


But while Lachlan resisted his dark urges for a change, events took a turn as he returned to his car… Earlier, Priya Sharma had got drunk and demanded a lift home as Mr White left the village in pursuit of his prey, and Lucky left her snoozing off the booze as he approached Freddy.

However, following his change of heart Lachlan was stunned to see Priya had got out and was hurrying off towards a taxi, seemingly desperate to escape – did she witness the teenage terror’s attempted attack and escaped in panic?


Mystery surrounds exactly what plucky Priya saw, but it can’t be a coincidence that next week Lachlan is targeted by an anonymous tormentor who starts sending threatening text messages.

Is Priya responsible? Does she know he was on the verge of potentially taking a life, driven by jealousy? Or is the anonymous texter someone who knows Lachlan killed best mate Gerry Roberts, as well as causing the crash that wiped out mum Chrissie and granddad Lawrence? Gerry was the last person to get close to the truth about Lucky’s crimes – if Priya knows too much, could she end up being next on his hit list?


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