Emmerdale: Debbie and Ross in drug deal shock – watch the scene

Tension mounts between the old flames as Ross plays a dangerous game


Emmerdale’s Ross Barton is so desperate to track down his acid attacker next week he gets involved with dangerous drug dealers, but Debbie Dingle panics he’s putting too much at risk. Can she persuade him to back out of his dangerous plan?


In a scene from next week’s hour-long episode showing on Tuesday 22 May, Debbie drops in on raging Ross who has secured a stash of drugs and reckons he can pose as a dealer on the local scene to smoke out Simon and dish out justice for the assault that left him with severe scars.


Warning her ex he could endanger his whole family, including little son Moses, by infiltrating Simon’s world, Debbie does her best to try and make him see sense as he prepares for a deal he’s arranged.

But Ross is blinded by his vendetta of vengeance and questions why Debbie even cares – little does he know she is tormented by her guilt at organising the attack…

But there’s a shock in store when Ross leaves the house to make the deadline for the deal and finds his car has been stolen – with the drugs in the boot!

Will there be fatal reprisals for Ross? And can Debbie help him out of this mess?


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