Emmerdale: Chas and Paddy in crisis tonight – is it over for the couple?

Pregnant Chas accuses her partner of being selfish and controlling

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Emmerdale couple Chas Dingle and Paddy Kirk hit the rocks in this evening’s episodes, causing pregnant Chas to read the riot act to her interfering fella and ordering him to stay away from her. Can the expectant parents’ resolve their differences?


In a new picture from tonight’s double bill, exhausted with intense, seemingly never-ending nausea, mum-to-be Chas gets increasingly fed up with feeling sick and Paddy is at a loss as to how he can help his other half.

Trying his best to keep Chas calm and comfort her through her morning sickness, the well-meaning vet is vexed when Ms Dingle accuses him of being selfish and trying to control her and orders him to get out! Have the couple reached the end of the road?

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Another village couple on the verge of collapse are Vanessa Woodfield and Charity Dingle, who are at odds following Vanessa’s decision to get the police involved over her girlfriend’s confession of historic sex abuse from corrupt police officer DS Bails. Viewers can find out what the future holds for them later, and whether we’ll get more clues about Charity’s baby mystery following yesterday’s tease.

Can either twosome put the difficult week behind them and move on? Or will all four end up heartbroken?

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