Coronation Street: “Carla thinks Ali seduced her to hurt Michelle” – Alison King interview

All hell breaks loose when Michelle discovers Carla and Ali’s fling next week


The secret is out in Coronation Street next week when Carla Connor’s fling with Ali Neeson is exposed, and Michelle Connor is not impressed to learn her BFF and biological son are getting it on.

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‘Chelle cottons on her cousin has been playing cougar to her estranged offspring, but there are more shocks in store for the beleaguered bistro manager when Carla hits back at her cruel comments about Ali with the news Robert Preston has been taking steroids.

Refusing to believe her at first, Michelle confronts Robert who admits to using the performance-enhancing drugs but insists he’s kicked the habit. Putting Michelle first, Carla ends things with Ali but it’s too little too late and she’s told she’s no longer invited to Michelle and Robert’s upcoming wedding… Alison King, who plays Carla, brings us up to speed on the Connor girls’ big falling out.


Does Carla have genuine feelings for Ali, or is it just a bit of fun?
Ali just pounced, she wasn’t looking for anything with him, but then she is apparently sex-starved and after the fling with Daniel there hasn’t been anyone else. Ali is good to talk to, he’s fit and she’s a red-blooded girl so she just gave in when it was on offer. Afterwards you could tell she actually really likes him, but once the repercussions sink in and the fact that Michelle could find out and be really hurt, then she tries to pull back.

Is Carla worried about Michelle’s reaction if she finds out?
She’s trying to keep it under wraps but thinks that Ali’s a loose cannon, and maybe he’s trying to hurt Michelle which is why he did this in the first place. It’s not an ideal situation.

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How does Michelle react when she catches them kissing?
Ali chances it by kissing her in public outside Michelle’s flat, Carla reciprocates and Michelle comes out and sees them. Michelle’s shocked and hurt, she wants to know how far things have gone between them. She doesn’t give Carla much chance to explain, although there’s not much Carla can say apart from sorry. In Michelle’s mind that’s them done because Carla’s hurt her so much.

Does it bother Carla seeing how upset Michelle is?
Yes it really does. Michelle’s her best friend, they’re like sisters so it couldn’t be any worse. Ali wants to take their romance further but this makes Carla pull back. Her relationship with Michelle is more important to her than a relationship with Ali.

Alongside this, Carla is also aware Robert has been taking steroids – is she worried for Michelle?
She’s seen Robert buying steroids and acting in an aggressive manner, and also noticed bruises on Michelle’s arms so she’s worried. Although Carla’s upset over the Ali thing she still wants to tell Michelle about Robert, even though he’s said he’s stopped, so she can make up her own mind. Carla doesn’t believe the bruises are innocent.


How does Michelle react when Carla tells her about Robert’s steroid use?
At first she doesn’t believe her, but then she asks her how long she’s known and Carla just tells her the truth and advises her to talk to Robert.

Can Carla and Michelle get their relationship back on track?
Michelle tells Carla she’s not coming to her wedding, but hopefully Carla will put out her bottom lip and say sorry enough times that Michelle forgives her! I hope they don’t keep us apart too long because I’d miss working with Kym Marsh, she makes me belly laugh!

If Carla doesn’t end up with Ali, who else on the street could be paired with?
There’s definitely unfinished business with Peter and their chemistry is undeniable. Carla needs a rugged male, maybe Nick should come back or perhaps Imran – but I’m not sure he’s rough enough for her!

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