Emmerdale: Debbie and Cain threatened after Ross’s acid attack

Graham issues a stark warning to the Dingles

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Ross Barton’s acid attack in Emmerdale continued to be the talk of the village tonight as Debbie Dingle’s involvement in the crime came close to being rumbled – but will Ross discover his ex was to blame?


Eagle-eyed Graham Foster clocked Debbie and dad Cain talking in the Woolpack and marched through to the pub’s backroom and confronted the pair.

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Insisting he’d worked out his employer Joe Tate was the intended victim of the ambush that could leave the Barton bloke permanently disfigured, following the Dingles’ failed attempt at planting drugs at Home Farm, gruesome Graham didn’t flinch as he squared up to Cain.

Emotional Debbie practically gave the game away as she continued to struggle with her actions, having sent drug dealer Simon on the evil errand. But daddy Cain stepped in and denied it to the fiery Mr Foster.


In a tense stand-off, Graham warned them both not to go near Joe again, leaving Cain unusually shaken and Debbie a woman on the edge. What will Graham’s next move be?

Later this week, Cain seeks out dodgy druggie Simon who Debbie sent after Joe hoping to buy his silence, while Ross tries to adjust to the aftermath of the incident and what the future holds. He’s already starting to question why Debbie hasn’t visited… How long before he discovers she’s responsible for his horrifying ordeal?


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